“Daily follow-up used to be a major pain on site. LB Aproplan enables our foremen and construction managers to always be on top of things and to follow our best QHSE practices with much less admin burden than before.”
Rémy Robijns
Head of Quality, Safety, Environment at CIT Blaton
We are using LetsBuild to increase the quality of our projects. Adding the planning to the equation will be a major win for our teams and clients. LetsBuild will offer a great way to track consistently our project and ensure the best level of quality for our clients.
Stephane Caillaud
National Product Quality Director – Bouygues Immobilier
“Within the industry, the programme is king. If we don’t deliver on time, it’s going to cost us more money or certainly cost someone more money. So when using LetsBuild to provide that visibility up the chain, sales managers, senior managers can see what is going on the project.”
Matt Ghinn
Project director – VolkerFitzpatrick

Detect and resolve construction defects with ease

Reduce construction delays by more than 20%

LB Aproplan allows you to find out where delays and problems, by giving a clear view of the status of each activity.

Minimise construction risks by more than 80%

LB Aproplan enables the digitalisation of punch lists, handover document templates, and building inspection checklists, minimising potential risks.

Less admin burden, more quality time on-stie

Create your defect lists on-site, from your mobile device. No need to fill any spreadsheets back on office.


Snagging from your mobile device

  • Create snags straight from your mobile devices
  • Pin issues on plan as you go on site digitally
  • Work from any site location offline and still synch with the office

Real-time project update and subcontractor overview

  • Assign and set deadlines for each defect to the right person
  • Subcontractors can access and update all their tasks in a single place
  • Have an overview of the open issues by project, trade, room and person in charge
  • Sync punch lists 24/7 with real-time push notifications
  • Rework offline with the latest version of the drawing

Snag from everywhere, without restrictions

LB Aproplan works in every construction project, in any location, online and offline. The reception will not be an issue anymore.

Built for construction

We love construction and we want to make it better. We empower industry professionals to build better, faster and smarter using the right tools for the job.

Simple to use and adopt

LB Aproplan is built with simplicity and efficiency in mind. Focus on getting the job done, not on managing tools.

Generate and share defect reports in a few seconds

  • Create unlimited defect reports, using customisable templates
  • Generate professional incident reports and sign them from your mobile device
  • Share your generated reports with any stakeholder with 1-click

Get the job done with powerful integrations

Make the most of your project data by connecting LB Aproplan to your
other systems. Integrate with major software platforms such as
Microsoft & Revit, and enjoy a seamless transition to your site
management, without having to compensate for data loss.


Project management


Text file format


Facility management


Document management

MS Dataverse

Analytics & automation



Microsoft Dynamics




Manage defects effortlessly with LB Aproplan

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