How to integrate LetsBuild with Microsoft Sharepoint

Discover how integrating LetsBuild with Microsoft Sharepoint can help you accelerate your processes and reduce unnecessary admin burden.

Construction stakeholders are heavy users of Microsoft 365. However, fewer than 10% have put the effort into automating their Microsoft processes. The result? Excessive admin workload, disconnected data and cumbersome decision making. By connecting LetsBuild to Microsoft Power Automate, you can now bring lists, forms and points from LetsBuild AproPlan into your internal Microsoft suite (MS Teams, Outlook, Planner and more).

How it works


Get notified of on-site accidents directly in MS Teams


Plan a handover in AproPlan and automatically generate a calendar request in Outlook


Automatically create digital Post-Its for your Lean Kanban wall in Microsoft Planner

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Let Antoine Godin, Head of Professional Services at LetsBuild, and Maarten van Geest, CEO at StratoKit, guide you through the basics of the StratoKit integration between LetsBuild and Microsoft Sharepoint. Find out how your company can leverage Letsbuild’s integration functionality and optimise processes.

Integration between LetsBuild and Power Automate

How to power up your daily work with an integration between LetsBuild and Microsoft 365

“The implementation of StratoKit’s integration between our Sharepoint server and LetsBuild (Aproplan) has saved us a lot of time. Updated building plans are synchronised to the tablets on the building sites within minutes of them being finalised.”

Jurgen Segers, Project Engineering, Engie

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Reduce unnecessary admin burden with the Sharepoint integration

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