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11-50 employees

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Operating in the Australian construction industry as granny flat specialists, Rescon Builders cover every aspect of house building, from design to handover. With a dedicated team that focuses on delivering quality flats to families, Rescon builds approximately 200 projects per year. They build from Shellharbour in the south to Newcastle in the north.

Why LetsBuild’s product GenieBelt works for Rescon

Before using the GenieBelt product, Rescon had issues gaining control over multiple projects. When a problem would arise, teams would hold meetings to discuss them.

“Now office staff is made aware the instant an issue arises. This has meant less downtime and less costly mistakes. Unlike previous applications, site crews actually use the Geniebelt product without constant follow up, meaning that management always has an up-to-date view of each project.” says Timothy Cocaro, Director at Rescon Builders.

With the implementation of LetsBuild’s GenieBelt product, Rescon was able to see a significant increase in productivity levels.

“Most importantly, we saw fewer errors, quicker turn-arounds and critically quicker builds. LetsBuild has given our company an advantage over our competitors, who are still using paper project plans, clunky large scale apps or worse, nothing at all. LetsBuild has given me my life back, with less paperwork and stress.” says Timothy Cocaro.

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Easy onboarding and user-friendly app

LetsBuild’s simple and powerful user-friendly tool Geniebelt has proven to be very valuable for on-site teams.

“Geniebelt is the first application that our teams on the ground find extremely useful for tracking their projects and keeping real-time notes without the need for clunky laptops or iPads. We are saving literally hundreds of thousands per year through improved efficiencies, reduced management and improved delivery,” says Timothy Cocaro.

The system has been readily adopted, allowing the team on-site to finish more projects on time and on budget.

“With the phone app, we have found that site supervisors were quick to adopt the application with little to no training as its interface is that intuitive. We could see the results straight away,” says Timothy Cocaro.

LetsBuild’s GenieBelt product is simple and powerful

GenieBelt’s user-friendly mobile app works right off the phone and helps Rescon keep track of on-site teams in real time. According to Timothy, LetsBuild’s geniebelt product helps avoid costly mistakes and allows the team to be on top of things to ensure they haven’t missed any deadlines.

“LetsBuild is the end-to-end digital platform for the construction phase we have been looking for,” says Timothy and continues, “LetsBuild’s GenieBelt product is the first application that our team finds useful for their work. They are able to keep track of their projects and keep real-time notes. In just a few clicks, they have updated the whole team.”

In short, LetsBuild’s GenieBelt product has reduced the need for long email threads, calls and messages. Now teams just log in to GenieBelt to report on tasks.

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