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BPC has been the hands of the Blaton family since its creation at the end of the 19th century. One of the biggest Belgian class-8 companies, BPC builds and renovates office and residential buildings, hotels, shopping centres, cinemas and multi-story car parks, most of them located in Wallonia and Brussels.

“To complete your project, you can count on their experience and professionalism. “

As a main contractor, BPC finds it particularly important to collaborate in total confidence and in close relationship with all stakeholders. The motives of any activity are: safety, team spirit, service, quality, cost effectiveness, ethics and environment.


Modern minimalism and subtle avant-garde were the guiding principles in the development of the UP-Site project. The project offers a unique concept in Belgium as well as an example of the new cityscape.

The 140-meter high tower with 42 floors is the highest residential building in Belgium and one of the highest in Europe. The tower’s visibility in the Brussels skyline is optically emphasized by green and white colours.

The tower offers an incomparable view over the whole city and it is fitted with a caretaker service, a lounge bar, a wellness centre and a childcare centre. High terraces and four office buildings are also planned.


The UP-Site project was a huge construction site which demanded particular organisational capabilities. For a company like BPC Blaton, it was important to introduce a tool like LetsBuild because it has these capabilities.


  • Time gain with administrative tasks.
  • Clear follow-up of tasks carried out by subcontractors.
  • Transparent follow-up of the execution of the architect’s remarks.
  • Ease of use while on site.

“We have been using LetsBuild on the UP-Site project since the beginning of October 2013. We decided to use this mobile solution to perform the following tasks:

  • Generation of reports by project managers for the different subcontractors. The goal was to better organize the subcontractors’ work by communicating quality flaws and planning issues more effectively.
  • Managing the architect’s remarks during the pre-reception – a clear dispatch of the work and documents (flaws, tasks, pictures, deadlines, …) to the subcontractors.

The goal is to save time and to reduce the management work, and at the same time to enable a clear monitoring of the progress. Both project managers and subcontractors as well as architects have benefited from this.”

“LetsBuild fulfils all our needs. We particularly liked these features:

  • Time gain for administrative tasks (generation of reports). For example, I could divide my personal administrative work in three. We were three project managers on site to use LetsBuild. With LetsBuild, there are no administrative charges anymore. We just need to enter all the remarks and LetsBuild does the rest.
  • Easy processing of the data: sort by subcontractors, rooms, categories, with or without pictures as well as the possibility to show a localisation on a plan!
  • Allows for a clear follow-up of the tasks executed by the subcontractors. This allows a better management of the budget for extra tasks.
  • Makes a transparent tracking of the execution of the architect’s remarks, which can be sent per e-mail as soon as the tasks have been executed.
  • Ease of use on site. You do not need to walk on the construction site with tons of plans and illegible notes. You also do not need to get back to the site office to enter the notes and remarks on the computer.
  • A piece of software which developed itself along with the needs of the construction site. The comments and suggestions we forwarded to the LetsBuild Team were immediately put into practice.
  • A flexible piece of software which can be extended to a wide variety of uses, including for instance the generation of safety reports.
  • The LetsBuild Team is dynamic and young. We had an excellent contact with the different contact persons. They showed a very high reactivity in answering our problems and questions.”

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