How to integrate LetsBuild with Microsoft Power Automate

Discover how integrating with Microsoft Power Automate can help you automate your processes.

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Microsoft is engraved in the business processes of most construction companies. With specific construction software applications such as LetsBuild used on the building site, companies use software services that don’t communicate with each other, also known as stand-alone software services. This results in lots of manual and repetitive work to perform successfully. By connecting LetsBuild with Microsoft Power Automate, companies can automate workflows and further standardize working processes.

How it works

1 Integrate LetsBuild with Microsoft 365

The key to success is launching the LetsBuild – SharePoint integration. This integration allows sharing data between both services to make sure your needed information is available on the Microsoft platform

2Define what processes you would like to automate

Get your team around the table and discuss your company’s processes step by step. Define where repetitive work is taking up too much time and where manual mistakes could slow down the reliability of your services. Visualize this flow and decide if certain work could be taken over by an automated service.

3Create flows in Power Automate

Use your visualization of each process to create your own automated flows and connect to services such as:

  • PowerBI for creating dashboards
  • Microsoft Teams for central team overviews and notifications
  • Outlook for sending automated emails and for calendar planning
  • Microsoft Planner or Trello for your Lean Kanban digital post-its

Is this too technical? Get help from our webinars!

Let Antoine Godin, Head of Professional Services at LetsBuild, and Maarten van Geest, CEO at StratoKit, guide you through the basics of the StratoKit integrations. Find out how your company can leverage Letsbuild’s integration functionality and optimise processes.

Integration between LetsBuild and Power Automate

How to power up your daily work with an integration between LetsBuild and Microsoft 365

Manage and automate your processes better with the Microsoft Power Automate

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Automate integration can accelerate your processes.

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