How to integrate LetsBuild with Microsoft Teams

Use Microsoft Teams for your daily operations and connect the building site with your office team by making centralized overviews and automated incident notifications.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated remote work facilities and given an enormous boost to the development and use of Microsoft Teams. The platform is mostly being in use for conference calls, but the platform has more to offer and is widely used as a collaboration platform. By connecting LetsBuild with MS Teams you could have an overview of your operations in one location, find your documents, points, and forms and activate automated notifications in case of any incidents.

How it works

1Integrate LetsBuild with Microsoft 365

The key to success is launching the LetsBuild – SharePoint integration. By using SharePoint Lists for your points and forms and SharePoint Document Library for your Documents, Photos and Reports, you have the right location for further connection with the Microsoft platform.

2Define your team’s preferred collaborative platform

Set up your team’s collaboration hub with all the apps you need to perform. Your docs, photos, videos, chat history, Power BI dashboard and meeting notes can always be there. You could even gather data from other services than LetsBuild, for example from your ERP system.

3Connect LetsBuild’s data with MS Teams

Microsoft Teams allows you to connect to all kinds of Microsoft and non-Microsoft apps and keep everything in a tab overview. And even more important, you could create Power Automate and create automated flows such as receiving accident notifications from LetsBuild projects.

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Let Antoine Godin, Head of Professional Services at LetsBuild, and Maarten van Geest, CEO at StratoKit, guide you through the basics of the StratoKit integrations. Find out how your company can leverage Letsbuild’s integration functionality and optimise processes.

Integration between LetsBuild and Power Automate

How to power up your daily work with an integration between LetsBuild and Microsoft 365

Collaborate efficiently with the Microsoft Teams

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