Why We Love Cscs Revision (And You Should, Too!)

Written by LetsBuild

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Ok so CSCS revision. There are two ways to do it; get on a course or buy the latest book. The book has to be for the grade of Card you are going to apply for.

For migrants, a course is best although the revision books are available in different languages. It has to be the latest edition of the book because things move on and, anyway, they keep “revising” the content of the tests! Odd, but I can’t find any revision courses on-line. Well, probably not odd – not the best way to learn thoroughly. Okay for getting a quick idea about things.

So how to revise for CSCS?

  • Read the book from cover to cover.
  • Read the book again from cover to cover!
  • Just read the questions and make a note of your answers. These are multiple-choice questions, so all that’s needed is a, b, c or d.
  • Check your answers to see how many you got right!
  • Read the book cover to cover again!
  • Answer the questions.
  • Check your answers.
  • Carry on doing this until your correct answers are well over the minimum required for you to pass! For me I think it was 90%! (This is why mine could be NVQ7. If you didn’t know your stuff, no chance!)

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All this takes time and commitment. Do it right, though, and the actual test is easy! You sit in front of a computer and, with a mouse, mark your answer for each question. This can sometimes get a bit difficult because of the way the question is worded.

But, for mine,

I had to answer 50 questions and I had 45 minutes to do it in. It took me 10 minutes! Dead easy – but only if you have done the revision properly!

By the way, take a look at Practice CSCS questions. So the motivation for displaying the commitment and spending the time at it? Well, it isn’t all about you!

If you injure yourself or someone else, or even worse, someone gets killed, the Site Manager will be fined or imprisoned or both! That has turned us ruthless! If you are working in an unsafe manner, you’ll get instantly fired and be out of a job without any Reference to help get you another!

I’d tell guys

“If you see someone doing things that are dangerous to themselves or others, tell me.” They did!

Nobody wants to work on a construction site with idiots!

The result of my ruthlessness? I’ve only ever had two Notifiable Accidents. For neither was I prosecuted by the HSE and both guys got fired for their stupidity! And if you want a safe site, here are my top tips.

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