CSCS Revision. Again? Really?

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Must admit though, I wasn’t too impressed when the CSCS card were introduced! I was working freelance in the Midlands and the Agency I was with told me I had to have one. They stuck me in for a Site Supervisor’s card. I protested and they changed it to a Site Manager’s card – my usual job role.

Now the Agency thought they were being kind to us. They put on a free two day introductory course for us.

Trouble with that was that I lost two days’ pay!

Anyway, onwards and upwards! Earlier this year I renewed my CSCS Card. I now have a Black CSCS Card (Contracts Manager). I’m good for another five years! But what astounded me about that is to recently discover it is equivalent to an NVQ 7! More about that later.

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Revision of the CSCS Card

Now to get to the “cscs revision” bit. I’ve just had a look on their web site and they’ve “revised” it again! Altered the card names and classification! They’re always at it! Gets confusing and has its down-side on site! When it’s part of your job role to check that someone has a CSCS Card as part of their Induction, means you aren’t too fussy!

Whatever card they have will have to do! You just aren’t clear enough in your own head about the latest “revision” to know whether it is appropriate to them or not!

But on the whole, I think they are a great idea!

More so now than when they were first introduced. The reason for that is the influx of migrant labour into UK construction. Having worked overseas I know how the approach to health and safety on site can vary. Have a look at this pretty picture. This was next door to the offices I worked out of in Bucharest. Second-hand timber not even nailed together properly! There was a partial collapse but that didn’t result in any serious injury, thank goodness!

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A final note

If the migrant trades and labourers have to get a CSCS Card to be allowed onto our sites, at least they are beginning to get the idea of UK health and safety on site. And if you want to stay safe on site, read some tips here: Five safety tips for construction