What’s New on Geniebelt? | October 2022

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The construction sites have resumed, the summer period is over, and it’s time to focus on the next deadlines.

To help you get back to work, LB Geniebelt has something new for you: a look-ahead plan based on your master plan, an improved cross-project and the drill-down retirement!

Create a detailed plan from your master plan and link them together! 🖇

One of the key new features we released over the summer is the ability to create a look-ahead plan from another project. 

After creating your Master Plan, you will keep it as a high-level view of all the project phases. Then, in your look-ahead project, which is a copy of your master plan, you can have more detailed and precise tasks, commonly known as a look ahead programme.

By linking these 2 plans, as soon as you update a set of tasks in your look-ahead plan, this will automatically sync and calculate the % progress of this task group, within your Master Plan. 

In other words, it saves you time and keeps the high-level view up to date, while showing the progress per task group! 

If you are interested in this feature, please contact us directly in-app through the chat.

Goodbye drill-down… And hello to the improved Cross-Project! 👋

To make sure our LB GenieBelt app is supported effectively and efficiently, we are currently migrating the platform onto a new back-end management system. 

As a result of this, we will no longer be able to support the drill-down feature. You will no longer have access to this feature at the end of the year, in December 2022.

You may be aware that we have another reporting feature called Cross Projects. We are currently reviewing this feature to make sure it meets everyone’s requirements. It means you will see a lot of improvements related to this feature in the next couple of months! 

See only what really matters on the Cross-Project view ↕️

The purpose of Cross-Project is to be able to filter, sort and specifically focus on particular tasks, phases, or trades that need to perform one or more actions in different projects, in order to bring everything together in a single view. 

By adding a lot of filters, using company views or your own different views makes it harder to see what matters: the Gantt chart. 

To avoid having to scroll and see only half a chart, we have added the possibility to reduce/expand the filters, views & company views fields!

More stability and better reliability of our application 🚀

A lot of work has been done over the summer on the backend of Geniebelt to provide a more stable, reliable and easy experience for the users. 

One of the main improvements made is on the Cross-Project. We have improved the speed of it, so that you can get a global view of all your projects, no matter how many projects you have, and without having to wait for each filter or view to change. 

We will continue to do so in the next quarter so that we can continue to deliver new development works.

What’s next?  🎯

In order to improve your experience with the Cross Project functionality, we will mainly make it easier to use in the coming months. Here are some examples of what we want to do: 

  • The ability to “group” several filters. 
  • The ability to update and sign multiple tasks at once, regardless of which project. 

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