What’s new on GenieBelt? | June 2022

Written by Nicolas Regnacq

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We have been quite busy since the beginning of the year working on new features to enhance your experience with LetsBuild GenieBelt.

Better reports with more information and the ability to copy custom fields from a project to another are our new available features!

Improvements on our reports

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In GenieBelt, we have two important types of reports: Overview and PDF report. On the Overview report, you can now display the pictures added as a comment in a task. Also, the audit trail of each task is now visible on the last part of the report.
A new step towards more and more exhaustive reports!

Capture d’écran 2022-05-24 à 11.06.02On the PDF report side, It’s important to share the correct information to collaborators with PDF printed information so GenieBelt has been enhanced to print WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get).

In this example, you can now display the baseline on the gantt view! This helps you to see what is ahead or behind your original plan.

Capture d’écran 2022-05-24 à 10.48.57Within the gantt view, you have a global option to close and expand all groups or control separately by individual user selection. In this example, you have a mix of collapsed and expanded groups.

Custom fields: from one project to another ⏭

We wanted to make the creation of your projects faster and more efficient. When you copy an existing project to use it as a template, it does not take into account the custom fields. This is now the case: you copy, and you can start assigning the right people to work on that project!

What’s next? 

We want to provide the best possible experience on our application, and that means developing new features that you, our users, really need.

Here’s what we’re currently working on and should (very soon) be visible on our application:

  • Improved short term planning. We are working on a new module that automates the linking of two programmes which means the lookahead then becomes the key source of updates and coordination.
  • Non-working days/weekends to be non-visible. A new toggle feature will be added to allow for non-working weekends to be blocked/hatched out within the gantt view.