Want To Make Your Construction Project Reporting Easier? Do This!

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Let me guess what part you hate most – reporting! Today, I want to take you through the 4 ways which you can take to simplify things and make that reporting stuff easier for you. Ready? Lets go!

Automate your sending

As you are aware, you are sending the reports to the same people most of the time. The right thing to do here is to create a list of the receivers. This will enable you to share your reports with them, only with a press of a button. Believe me, it saves you time and a lot of nerves. Yes, if you have multiple reports to issue, you should create a list for each one, since there will be different groups of receivers. No big deal. You set it once and you use it multiple times.

Insist on real time info harvesting

To prepare the report, you have to gather the right information. This can be a hurdle if you have a big project. You know, chasing people to send you the information you need and ask for specific status updates gives headaches. Living in this dynamic world, everyone is busy and this process can last forever. That is why, using software that can do that heavy lifting for you, can save you a lot of sweat. Basically, everything that you are going to ask from your people, the software will deliver that in a second.

Be systematic

You shouldn’t start from scratch every time you have to send a report. Instead, you should create a model/template, you will use every time you are working on a report. What you need to do is just delete the stuff you don’t need and input the new info. Then, use the list you have created to easily share the report with the stakeholders. The clever way to go is to create multiple templates that you will store in a central place – which can be accessed from you and also another pm’s in your company.

Use visuals

Partners and stakeholders love numbers. What they love more than numbers is…numbers, projected via graphical overview. A lot of software have dashboards that are customizable and provide an instant, graphical overview of your project data. Depicting your data in charts and graphics can help you deliver the right message to the right people. You will communicate more with less.
How do you go about your construction project reporting? You might want to check how successful construction companies handle documentation for big projects. More helpful tips in this article on how to save yourself from project documentation nightmare. Our ebook, The Circle of Productivity, is free to download and will help you with tips on improving construction productivity.