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What are the best construction internet forums?

  1. Contractor Talk
  2. Builder’s Talk
  3. DIY Chatroom
  4. Archinect Discussion Forum
  5. McGraw Hill Construction Community
  6. Design Community Forums
  7. Log Home Builders Association

Every contractor in the world cannot possibly know the answer to every question when it comes to constructing a building of any kind, simply because there are so many different variables for each project.  Plus, what used to work well many years ago, may not work now, while a new contractor might not realize that those solutions from many years ago may be the best answer to their current question.

Thankfully, there are many forums on the internet that contractors can use to ask questions, share their expertise, and simply talk to others in the construction industry.  These forums are safe environments where every contractor and construction worker can go to learn more about their craft at any time that is convenient for them.  In fact, these forums should be considered a training option for those who cannot attend certain training sessions, even though they shouldn’t replace them completely.

Here are the best construction internet forums:

Contractor Talk

This construction forum focuses on all types of trades within the construction industry, which makes it perfect for those who want to learn more about every area that they can work in.  The topics are separated into sections, which makes it easier for those using the forums to find what they need.

Builder’s Talk

The forum on Builder’s Talk focuses mainly on building and remodeling, as well as all types of repairs and maintenance issues.  It is part of the Screwfix Community and is a friendly place for contractors to talk and make connections.

DIY Chatroom

While most construction internet forums supply answers to contractors and construction workers, there are a few that everyone else can use.  The DIY Chatroom is one of those, as it focuses on the do-it-yourself options for all types of remodels and renovations.

Archinect Discussion Forum

This construction internet forum is popular amongst contractors, students, designers, and even those who are just interested in architecture.  While this internet forum focuses mainly on architectural issues, there are other general discussions that could be helpful to those who need advice.

McGraw Hill Construction Community

The McGraw Hill Construction Community internet forum is gaining in popularity, due to the fact that green building projects are becoming more common.  Everyone is welcome to use this forum as they look for advice on their next green building project, or answers to virtual design questions or practice matters.  There is even a forum for younger architects on this site.

Design Community Forums

This is a massive list of construction internet forums that encompasses everything from the local environment to architecture.  Everyone should be able to find exactly what they are looking for when they are on this website.

Log Home Builders Association

Log homes are gaining in popularity once again, which is why this construction internet forum is continuously growing and expanding.  Current topics include homesteading, solar energy, log homes, log cabins, and alternative power options.  Everyone should find the topic that they need in this forum, but they can also create their own forum topic for approval to see if they can find they answer that they are looking for.

Free Design Build Forums

This forum discussion focuses on designs for cabins, cottages, and small homes.  This forum gained in popularity with the tiny house movement, which is still in full swing.  Therefore, there are always contractors, construction workers, and others on here asking for advice or for design ideas for a home that they want to design and construct.

Paint Talk

While professional painters use the Paint Talk construction internet forum the most, everyone can log in and search for answers to their questions or ask one that they cannot find the answer to.  This forum focuses on all types of painting, both interior and exterior.  Topics include how to choose a color, what type or paint is best, and how to correct mistakes.

Contractor City Forums

Contractors can find many answers to their questions on construction contracts, coaching, jobs, and more on this forum.

ECN Electrical Forum

Electricians, inspectors, and other professionals will love the wealth of knowledge that they can find on this specialty construction internet forum.  This forum has answers to many electrical related questions, as well as tips or tricks to use to solve common and not so common problems within the field.

Remodel Crazy Forum

Contractors, construction workers, and the general public will all benefit by looking on this forum to get ideas and more for the remodel that they are working on.

Owner-Builder Forums

This construction internet forum focuses on budgeting, bargain strategies, scheduling, and much more.  Those who utilize this forum will find that they can quickly find the answer that they need amongst the easy to search forum topics.

These are some of the best construction internet forums that everyone must look into when they need answers or advice.  Of course, there are many others that are useful as well, so no one should limit themselves to one or two favorites.