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In the world of construction, there are numerous lists of things to accomplish, but none of them are as important as the one that involves snagging.  That list includes items that still need to be completed when a building has been finished.  While a construction company can simply use a sheet of paper to compile the list and work on everything, it is not the best solution in this technological age.

For that reason, there are numerous snagging apps available for construction workers to use.  These snagging apps allow anyone to see what still needs to be finished and then check those items off when they finish them.  These snagging tools are great, because one person no longer needs to be in charge of the list.  Instead, after a snagging inspection, everyone can complete the items as they are working in each area of the building.  This makes the entire process more efficient and the list can be completed faster than ever before.

Here are the best snagging apps and software that every construction company needs to use on their construction sites:

LB Aproplan

As construction projects become increasingly complex, managing and resolving snags is becoming more critical than ever. One of the most effective ways to streamline the snagging process is by using a dedicated snagging app like LB Aproplan. This innovative software solution is designed to help construction teams quickly and easily identify, track, and resolve snags throughout the construction process.

LB Aproplan snagging app is available on iOS, Android and desktop app. With LB Aproplan, construction teams can create comprehensive snagging lists that include detailed descriptions, photos, and other important information. The app allows teams to assign tasks to specific team members, set deadlines, and track progress in real-time, ensuring that snags are resolved quickly and efficiently. Additionally, the app provides powerful reporting tools that allow teams to analyze snagging data, identify patterns and trends, and make data-driven decisions to improve the quality of their work.

LB Aproplan is a game-changing tool for any construction team looking to improve their snagging process. By streamlining the process of identifying, tracking, and resolving snags, teams can save time and money, improve the quality of their work, and deliver projects on time and on budget. With its intuitive interface, powerful features, and unparalleled support, LB Aproplan is the perfect choice for construction teams looking to take their snagging process to the next level.


This snagging app is available for both iPhone and android, which makes it perfect for those who have employees with both types of smartphones.  During a snagging inspection, a punch list can be created and then accessed by anyone who has the app on their phone, tablet, or computer.  Notes can easily be incorporated within the punch list, as can notes of any issues.  This information can even be organized and included in reports.  Every snagging item on this punch list can be tracked and managed from anywhere at any time, and the information will be up to date in real time.


The completion of a snagging inspection couldn’t be easier with the help of iSnag.  This snagging app for iPhone and android allows everyone to digitize their snagging list, while also keeping track of their workflow and other forms.  Each location with a snagging item can be pinpointed using the drawings or plans for the project, which makes it easier for the person completing the snagging task to find exactly where they need to do the work.  In addition to the list of snagging items, everyone can also add notes, photographs, and voice memos.  Photographs can even be marked to show the precise details that will be needed to cross the item off the snagging list.


This snagging app for iPhone can also be used on an iPad and it allows everyone to create and work off a snagging list from beginning to end.  Every snagging procedure can be placed directly onto a pdf drawing, while detailed descriptions, pictures, and deadlines are incorporated with a few additional keystrokes.  This snagging list can be managed via the app and observations can be added at any time.  Every snagging item can be shared via a pdf export, an excel report, a csv export, an email export, a Dropbox export, a WebDAV export, an iTunes export, or an export to any Cloud Service.

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AuditBricks is a snagging app for iPhone and it is perfect for those who want an easy way to perform snagging inspections and create snagging lists.  The snagging lists can be managed from anywhere, and by anyone who has access to the app, plus they can be included and sent in reports.


SnagR is a snagging app android, plus it is available in the app store for iPhones.  Snagging inspections are much easier with this app, because updates are being provided as everyone is moving through the job site.  What may not have been completed five minutes before, may be finished when a person reaches that area, or an issue that was put onto the snagging list may be completed before the entire snagging inspection is done.


This snagging app is perfect for both iPhones and androids and it provides real-time information during snagging inspections and afterwards.  The dashboard is full of informative insights of which items are more important than others, so a person delegates their time and resources efficiently.  This snagging app can be used with a computer as well, so no one will have an excuse that they didn’t have access to the most recent snagging list.

No one wants to be the only person in charge of any snagging list, as it will make them the go-to person for everything that needs to be completed at the end of a project.  These snagging apps and software ensures that everyone can pitch in to get these last few details squared away, so that everyone can get to their next job.
Since these snagging apps keep everything organized, nothing will ever be forgotten, and the information will be as up to date and accurate as the second that they open it up or refresh the list.