Quiz – What Is Your Construction IQ?

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Are you curious to see how much construction know-how-knowledge that you have? At GenieBelt, we have made a quiz of 24 different questions that will challenge your construction IQ. You will find questions about tools, construction terms, and general knowledge that is need to know in the field of construction.

If you are working in the construction industry and want to brag about your knowledge to your friends or colleagues, go ahead and take the quiz. It could also be an interesting test for you, who just want to test yourself and see how much you know about a field that you are not necessarily an expert in.

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Want to try another quiz?

Did you find this interesting? If so, we have made another quiz for you that you can try out. It is about famous structures and interesting facts about construction. if you hurry up, there is even the chance of you winning a pair of working boots since there is a prize for everyone who takes that quiz. There will be one winner, who will be picked after it ends on the 7th of September 2017. You can find it here: Interesting Facts About Construction. How Much Do You Know?

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