No more CSCS green card? Where do I go from here?

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CSCS Green Card

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Ah, yes! Well?

Actually, there still is a CSCS Green Card, but it has been down-graded from Construction Site Operative and is now only available for Labourers!

Still cheap and cheerful, though!

I just did an on-line check and on-line course is available for a modest £7, then just £12 more to take an on-line test!

Unlike the old Green Card, I can’t see many middle-aged skilled tradesmen being willing to produce a CSCS Card that now tells everyone they are a Labourer. These gentlemen do have some professional pride, after all! That leaves the question of where to go now!

Well, there are few colours to choose from: red, silver, gold, black, yellow or blue! Of those, red is the most confusing! It has six different labels that can be attached to it! These range from an Apprentice to an Experienced Manager’s card! So that just leaves one way to go from here!

Go to the CSCS web site – – and do a thorough job a reading the requirements for each of the 14 types of Card they issue. Decide which category you best fit into and go for that one. If you are ambitious, you may choose to have a go at something slightly higher than your current job role. That will help when you apply for another job! Just make sure you fit the criteria for whatever you decide to apply for!

I’ve already Blogged about revising for the CSCS Card Test and I promise you this; if you are realistic you won’t have any trouble passing the test you decide to apply for!

It is just youngsters who get over-ambitious who seem to struggle with it! Come to think of it, I might be a bit wrong there! It might just be that they couldn’t be bothered to do their revision!

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