Map of the biggest construction companies in US

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We recently researched which companies are the biggest in construction. That lead to a list of the biggest construction companies in Europe, and a map to go with it. But one can’t talk about construction and big companies without talking about the US as well. Therefore we made a list of the biggest construction companies in the US in each state, and assembled them into a massive spreadsheet.

In order to better illustrate where the companies are located, we have decided to make a illustration of the top construction companies in the states. With this map, we are hoping to give you a better overview of where the companies are based. Take a look at the map below and see how many companies you recognize.

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Watch the video below to get a quick overview.

Spreadsheet of the biggest construction companies in the US

The map is based on a spreadsheet in which all of the companies is mentioned with name, state they are located, address, website, and the available contact information. Therefore, if you need to get in contact with any of the companies, or if you’re interested in seing who else is on the list, just go to the spreadsheet here, or click the picture below:

The list is made up of companies with headquarters in the US, and therefore mainly american companies. Please keep in mind that a list like this can change easily, so the current top construction companies might be replaced in the future. It depends on future projects and if companies can keep up with how the industry is evolving. So if you believe we have made a mistake, please let us know, and we will look into it. We will do our best to keep the list and map updated.

Interactive map

On top of all of this, we have made a interactive map of all the companies where you are able to see where all of the companies are located, and how to get in contact with them. You can click the picture below and go directly to the map.

Don’t forget

As already mentioned, we did the same thing for Europe, and made a list of the biggest construction companies based in Europe, as well as an illustration. You can see that below. Just click the picture to enhance it.

You can find the speadsheet of the European construction companies here:

Biggest construction companies in Europe spreadsheet

We want you to make use of these list in different ways. For instance use it to check who your competitors are, who is leading the industry in different areas, or tell other people about it.

If you have any comments to the any of the maps and believe we need to change something, don’t hesitate to comment. And feel free to share with your network if you like what we have done.