How to Choose a Construction Mobile Solution

Written by LetsBuild

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The place to start, when this decision is to be made, is by asking what, exactly, you want from your future mobile solution. If it is simply that today’s world is turning all “techyfied” and you feel you need to fit in, showing your outfit to be a cutting-edge construction company, it is a simple decision! Just go for some free mobile solution you find on line! It won’t actually do your projects any good and nobody involved will use it, anyway! But at least you’ll have “chosen” it! Okay, flippancy over ……

Construction_Mobile_Solution.jpgThe starting point, for a sensible decision, is to look for a construction mobile solution suitable for the size of your projects. Do you do one-off house builds or multi-million commercial projects? Look for mobile solutions designed for your size projects and start making your list up with those.

Moving on – how much money do you want to spend? This can be spent in a couple of areas. The first may be on any additional “mobile” equipment needed to make your new mobile solution functional for your projects. The best answer to this question is “None”! The second will be on the actual cost of the construction mobile solution itself. Now go back to the list you recently made and delete all those whose total cost is outside your budget figure.

Next question to be asked is who, precisely, you want to have access to your new construction mobile solution. Is it just your own project team or do you want everyone involved in your projects, from Client to sub-contractors, to have access to the information? This will exclude any commercially confidential information, obviously! Back to the original list and delete a few more versions!

We’re getting there, so on to the next criterion! What exactly do you want to have available on your construction mobile solution? This can range from something as simple as a build programme shared among people, up-dated regularly so that everyone knows the state of play, working up to having absolutely all project documentation out there for everyone’s information! More to be deleted from your original list!

Next step is how long to you want your project information to be held on your construction mobile solution? Till a Task is completed on your build programme? For the full 6 years that the Tax Man will be interested in what you have been up to? More crossing out to do on your list!

Then you need to consider the cost of your construction mobile solution per project. If it meets all the other criteria, then low capital expenditure per project is good! Not many left to cross off your original list, are there?

Not much left to consider, either! Do you want to totally eliminate all paperwork related to your projects? That will save you an absolute bundle if you do! The time handling the paperwork and the money spent on storing it! And that is the end of your crossing out!

Now, assuming you have done all that methodically, you’ll be left with just single mobile construction software from your original list. Decision made!

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