Hard Hat Challenge: Break the Monotony on the Site

Written by LetsBuild

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You think that working on a construction site has only tough and monotonous moments? Well…think again! When you a have a hard hat and a spade next to you, then something fun can always pop up. The new craze that is taking over the internet and the construction sites around the world is called “The Hard Hat Challenge“.


The Hard Hat Challenge is pretty simple. All you have to do is to manage flipping your hard hat onto your head. To achieve this, you are allowed to use a bunch of different ways. Most of the “challengers” are using a pole or a shovel in order to do it, but there are also some who aren’t afraid of becoming more creative. For example, who can forget the guy who attempted to land comfortably on his head a hard hat, that was dropped from a roof.

Hard Hat Challenge

I’m sure that, by now, you are wondering how many people have succeeded in their mission. In most cases, people are getting knocked-out by their own hats. They are either hit right in the face or somewhere else on the head. This isn’t a big surprise for anyone who has ever worn a construction hat. Due to its weight, the hat is most probably to fall upside down ruining in that way the construction worker’s dream of completing the notorious challenge.

But enough with words! It’s about time to take a look at the following videos and see what this new construction site madness is all about:







It sure looks fun and there is no doubt that the Hard Hat Challenge is drawing more and more attention to the construction field. It can also be an efficient way of promoting your company on the social media, if used smartly. So grab your hard hat and your camera and get ready for some flippings!