Half a Million Dollars to make a big dent in construction

Written by LetsBuild

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We just secured half a million dollars in funding to start building the future of construction! Excited? Yep, so are we!!!

Let’s face it, construction projects are inherently difficult to manage, you know it, we know it.

One of the reasons for this, is because the intensity of the information flow and the decision making is not matched by the sophistication of the information tools. As a result, billions of Euros are wasted yearly on rework and inefficient ways of working.

Larger construction companies are partly solving the problem with expensive and clunky PC-era systems used by armies of project managers, but the construction industry is heavily dependent on SME’s (50%+ of employees), with too many still relying on pen & paper.

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We will leverage on the possibilities of smartphones/tablets – that most construction workers are already using as part of their private life – to design and deliver user friendly solutions that are easy and relevant to use : A mobile tool belt for managing SME Construction projects!

We know that it’s not sufficient for success to just design for functionality, bigger challenges are on the horizon because of the fragmented nature of the industry. To overcome this, our international and ambitious team will execute on our vision with the support of some great business and industry advisors.

Let the fun begin!