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Tips to Achieve Excellent Communication on the Job Site
Communication on construction job sites is always tricky, but it has improved in recent years due to technological advances.  While everyone can now access information quickly, it doesn’t mean that all communication issues have been solved.
Here are 9 tips to achieve excellent communication on the job site:

  1. Ask Specific Questions

It is tempting to ask basic questions and hope to acquire the answers that are needed.  However, it is often better for a person to ask specific questions, because it will allow them to reach the answer that they desire much faster and leads to fewer miscommunications.  This is also an excellent thing to do when a person is unsure if the other employees have been listening carefully.  They can simply ask a specific question that pertains to what they just said.  This ensures that every employee will know that they will be questioned afterwards, so they better listen up!

  1. Monitor Accountability

It can take a lot of time to enter updates, even with technology, but those little details can hold each person accountable for the work and changes that they have made.  Since each one will be date stamped, everyone will know who the individual was that dropped the ball if something is not done when it should be.

  1. Utilize Technology, but Wisely

Technology can be an excellent tool to use on the job site, but it will not effectively take over all communication methods.  There are still times when people need to be out there and walking around, to ensure that the information that has been sent out has been received when it is needed.

  1. Avoid Noisy Areas

No one is going to hear anything when a person is trying to communicate with them in noisy areas, which is why it is recommended that everyone moves to a quieter location first.  Those who do not move first will take the chance that a key piece of information is missed, and that information can cause a major issue that can derail the project quickly.

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  1. Coordinate in an Effective Way

Each worker has their own job to do, but are they aware that their job affects the jobs of others?  Those in charge should make sure that everyone is aware of whether or not they need to let someone else know that they are finished with their work, so that the next person can get started on theirs.  Any miscommunication during this step can stop the work in progress, which will cause unnecessary delays.

  1. Keep the Conversation in Basic Language

Not everyone has the same meaning for slang words, nor do they always understand the slang or abbreviations that are being used in conversations, which is why it is always better to use basic words when speaking.  This will prevent any misunderstandings and ensure that the work can continue as planned.  This is important in both verbal and written types of communication.

  1. Additional Training

Communication is great using all the newer technological methods, but it can only be that way if every employee knows how to use all the equipment, software, apps, and more.  Additional training may be necessary now, and in the future, when even newer items are being used.  No company should ever just assume that their employees can simply start using something new, which is why this training should be mandatory and always implemented immediately.

  1. Have On-Site Meetings

While technology makes it easy to send necessary information via text or email, one of the most beneficial ways to communicate is face to face.  These meetings can be used to ensure that everyone is in agreement with the future plans, as well as whether or not everyone understands the information that was given during the meeting.  It is easier for people to see whether a person understands something when they are looking right at them and that is lost when information is sent in another way.

  1. Establish Check-In Times

While it is not necessary for every employee to call the boss or check in with someone every few minutes or every half hour, it can be helpful to establish specific check-in times.  It is during those times that updates can be given on the progress of the project, items that may be missing and needed sooner than later, and whether there are any potential issues that may be arising.  Some of these check-ins can be completed with new technology options, but nothing beats an old-fashioned phone call with a simple “everything is going great”!
All nine of these tips will improve the communication on any construction job site, which in turn will improve the quality of the work being done and keep everything on schedule.

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