LetsBuild in BIM World Munich: Our impressions!

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BIM World Munich took place last week (26-27 November), and LetsBuild was very proud to be an active part of it. The event was held in ICM Munich and attracted a lot of attention from the BIM community. More specifically, it is estimated that more than 4000 people attended BIM World Munich.

Elsa Triboul and Ask Berntsen represented LetsBuild in the event and had very interesting discussions with many innovators and thought-leaders of the sector.

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“It was an event with many interesting discussions around BIM technology. A lot of different players in the industry were present and there was an exceptional mix between big companies and small ambitious startups. Without a doubt, it was an excellent opportunity for LetsBuild to receive good feedback from the thought-leaders of the market”, says Elsa Triboul, Digital Construction Expert.

BIM World Munich
During her presentation, Elsa Triboul shared her thoughts on real-time communication and collaboration in construction and the ways in which digital tools can play a decisive role in that direction.

A few words about BIM World Munich

BIM World is considered to be probably the most prominent event with regards to BIM solutions, innovative IoT technologies for the building sector and construction IT. More than 100 speakers and over 120 exhibitors came together for two days in order to present and discuss the options and chances BIM holds for the industry’s future.
Remarkable BIM user-cases were presented, while new technologies related to construction, urban planning, and real-estate were unveiled.
BIM technology is a strong indication that the digitisation of the sector is progressing at a rapid pace and that the entire industry is working hard toward the optimisation of its systems and processes.
BIM World Munich was an excellent opportunity for the emerging digital ecosystem to come together and exchange ideas and expertise in order to boost innovation and productivity in construction. Like that, it becomes easier for the numerous digital players of the sector to remain engaged and work collectively for a more efficient and data-driven future.

“BIM was, of course, the central point of focus during the event. Nevertheless, the idea of how data are being shared across platforms and organizations brought also energy and excitement to the discussion especially in the start up area. The entire industry working together in order to change construction for the better”, underlines Ask Berntsen, LetsBuild Sales Executive.

Firing up the talk about BIM

BIM World Munich was divided into four key themes which helped the participants to engage in a great discussion around BIM and the issue of digitisation in the construction industry.

BIM World Munich

“The discussion around BIM was burning! It was the central theme of the fair and it was nice to see that it concerned all generations in the industry. Generally, participants showed to understand that a change is happening and they wanted to be part of it. But the understanding of what BIM is  in the first place is not always there”, adds Elsa Triboul.

As far as the key themes of BIM World Munich are concerned, they could shortly be listed as following:

1. BIM capturing

The quality of the captured data is of paramount importance for the way the industry works and collaborate. In that sense, it is no surprise that it was one of the most key topics in the course of the event. BIM World Munich attendees had the opportunity to acquire more information on revolutionary data capturing methods.

2. BIM collaboration

Collaboration lies in the heart of BIM technology and it is no surprise that it was one of the central points of discussion during BIM World Munich. Market leaders and software providers had the opportunity to present their interesting BIM solutions in the course of the event.

BIM World Munich

3. BIM visualisation

How can we visualise the future of construction through BIM? That was another key theme that took BIM World Munich by storm. The attendees of the fair were given the chance to gain a valuable insight into the next day of the sector.

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4. BIM best practice

Last but not least, catching a glimpse of some successful BIM implementation cases is one of the best ways for the industry to acquire a thorough understanding of the different ways in which the industry can change for the better. A very intuitive discussion took place based on the presented examples where both praising and critical voices were heard.

LetsBuild as part of the digital journey

BIM World Munich was a big success and in LetsBuild we are extremely happy that we were part of the discussion for a more efficient and data-driven construction industry.
Nonetheless, the uptake of BIM should not make the industry ignore that in order for BIM technology to be implemented in a successful way, there is an imminent need for getting the fundamentals right first.
This is where LetsBuild could provide construction stakeholders with substantial help.

“LetsBuild can be the perfect bridge between the old static world and the new dynamic real-time world. It’s easy, user friendly and helps you gain time and money”, concludes Elsa Triboul.

Catching up with the innovation race in the sector requires a lot of effort and events like BIM World Munich can truly make a difference in the rise of an open and efficient data ecosystem.