GenieBelt and Procore come together!

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We are happy to announce that GenieBelt is finally in an integrated relationship with Procore. GenieBelt and Procore can take your construction project performance to a whole new level!
To show how well we work together, here is a video about the GenieBelt and Procore integration.

What do you think? Are we not a great construction project management team? Let’s take a moment to see what you get with the GenieBelt + Procore couple package.

What you get from GenieBelt and Procore

In order to understand what the dual package brings to the table, you need first to understand the strong points of each software.
GenieBelt provides real-time updates from field to office. Its purpose is to bring your projects to life and make sure that construction workers and project managers never work on old updates. On the other hand, Procore is a wide-scope construction software across multiple functions including scheduling, budgeting, quality and safety, and field productivity.

With the combo deal of GenieBelt and Procore, you get to sync tasks from GenieBelt to Procore and keep updating your schedule in real-time so that the managers stay always on top of their project progress.

Our joint collaboration can benefit you in the following ways:

  • Management is up-to-date on all tasks through real-time updates.
  • A problem or delay is alerted to team members so the issue can be fixed as soon as it is occurred.
  • If you are using Procore as your construction project management tool then GenieBelt can bring in live updates to your schedules.

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You see both of us have certain skill sets and once combined, we can give your schedules the extra boost they need through live updates.
Geniebelt and Procore
Since we are officially in a relationship now, we decided to make this Valentine a memorable one. So celebrate with us, our 1st ever Valentine together as an integrated couple!

Interested in GenieBelt for your Procore? Sign up now or schedule a call.