Why 85% of Construction Professionals Use Digital Dashboards

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In the landscape of construction, there’s an unspoken hero quietly altering the course of projects: the digital dashboard. 

Imagine a project manager, burdened with the weight of countless decisions, suddenly finding clarity amidst chaos, thanks to the power of well-organised, real-time data. This is the reality for those who have embraced digital dashboards as a vital tool in their project management arsenal.

The Power of Digital Dashboards  

The construction industry, often challenged by complexity and scale, finds an ally in digital dashboards. A 2020 report by FMI Corporation highlighted that 85% of construction professionals believe that digital transformation is a key component to industry growth. Digital dashboards play a crucial role in this transformation, offering a central platform for data analysis and decision-making.

Impact on Project Management  

For project managers, digital dashboards are a precious help when they have to make strategic decisions. By providing a consolidated view of various project aspects – from budget to schedule to resource allocation – these dashboards allow managers to make informed, precise decisions. The ability to monitor real-time data helps in identifying potential issues early, enabling proactive management rather than reactive problem-solving.

LetsBuild: Simplifying Project Management  

In this era, LetsBuild emerged as a solution for project managers willing to finally use digital dashboards. Integrating LB Aproplan and LB GenieBelt, LetsBuild offers a streamlined approach to managing construction projects. These tools significantly reduce administrative work and burden, allowing project managers to focus on strategic decision-making rather than getting bogged down in data aggregation.

The integration of LB Aproplan and LB GenieBelt with digital dashboards provides a clear, real-time overview of project progress, compliance status, and resource allocation. This level of clarity and control is essential in avoiding costly penalties and delays, ensuring that projects stay on track and within budget.

Building Dashboards  

Building and utilising digital dashboards in construction management is no longer a luxury but a necessity. They provide a level of insight and control that traditional methods cannot match. With comprehensive dashboards, project managers can ensure that every decision is data-driven, every risk is calculated, and every opportunity is seized.


As the construction industry continues to discover digital transformation, the role of dashboards in projects becomes increasingly evident. With LetsBuild’s solutions like LB Aproplan and LB GenieBelt, project managers are ready to face modern construction projects with greater confidence and precision. But the question remains: Are we ready to fully face the potential of digital dashboards to revolutionise construction management?