12 construction worker skills you need to succeed

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Essential skills every construction worker needs to be successful

A construction worker’s job may seem pretty straightforward, especially to someone who knows how to swing a hammer.  However, there are plenty of other skills that construction workers need in order to be successful with their job and to earn promotions and work their way up within the company in the future.
Here are the 12 essential skills every construction worker needs to be successful:

  1. Skills specific to the actual construction work

Construction workers obviously need to know how to pour cement, install drywall, lay bricks, install certain items, do carpentry work, and anything else that is required of them on the job.  While it is important for construction workers to have the knowledge to do many things, it is possible for someone to get a job with extensive experience in only certain areas.  This skill also requires construction workers to know how to use most tools and the heavy equipment that is often involved when working on a project.

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  1. Extraordinary problem-solving skills

Problems are always popping up at construction job sites, which is why every construction worker needs to excel when it comes to providing solutions.  These problems normally need to be solved immediately, so that the work does not need to stop for any length of time.  This quick thinking can be slightly stressful, but experience makes it easier to find the solutions even faster than ever before.

  1. Reading and analytical skills

Construction workers need to know how to read blueprints and determine how the actual building or infrastructure will look when the job is completed.  These skills are also necessary so that construction workers can accurately make adjustments when necessary and calculate measurements and angles.

  1. Physically fit

It is common knowledge that construction work is difficult and very labor intensive, which is why everyone who does that job needs to be physically fit.  Workers need to be able to lift heavy objects, bend often, stand on their feet for long periods of time, and much more every day that they are working.

  1. Coordination and dexterity

Some of the work that is completed by construction workers requires them to move quickly, install items with tiny pieces, and work in tight spaces.  This all requires excellent coordination and the ability to use hands, arms, legs, and feet to get the job done.  A little ingenuity goes a long way in this field!

  1. Listening skills

Anyone can talk and talk, but it takes a dedicated construction worker to listen carefully and take the time to comprehend what was said.  If they understand it completely, they can continue with what they are doing, and if they don’t, they should be smart enough to speak up and ask for clarification.

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  1. Communication

Communication is key on job sites, which is why any successful construction worker will need to be able to do it in many forms.  Verbal communication is key when trying to talk to others about the project at hand, while written communication is necessary for filling out reports and other items to send to others.

  1. Decision making skills

While problem solving skills are needed by construction workers, decision making skills are just as important.  These skills can come in handy when someone is not sure which way to tackle part of the project or when deciding how much more to do before leaving for the day.

  1. Organizational skills

Construction workers must be organized, so that they do not spend time searching for something that they need.  Misplaced tools, papers, reports, and other items can cost a company money, which is why they always look for people who can keep track of these things and stay focused on the task at hand.

  1. Technological skills

Technology is a big part of construction nowadays, so construction workers need to be well-versed with their technological skills.  They can no longer hope to get by with only the knowledge of being able to send an email, as much of the paperwork, progress reports, change orders, and more are all being done electronically.

  1. Excellent memory

Construction workers who need to be told the same things over and over again are not going to last long in this field, because companies are looking for people that they can tell something to once and then let them go to work.  Anyone who cannot remember certain things can end up being a liability to any company.

  1. Skill of working well with others

Working with others may seem quite easy, but people are always surprised at how many people simply do not get along with their co-workers.  Construction workers need to constantly work together to ensure that the project gets done on time and on budget, so there is no room for disagreements or down time due to one person not wanting to talk to the one person that they need to.

Anyone that has these twelve essential skills will find that they can easily take a construction worker job and they will be successful for quite some time.