Construction takeoff software – why do you need it?

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Construction takeoff software helps with the process of creating construction material takeoff.  That means that everyone must understand what construction takeoff is, so that they can effectively and efficiently use the software.
Construction takeoff is the details of the materials that are needed for any construction project.  Once these details are in place, a cost estimate for the project’s materials can be determined and then added to the projected costs for labor, operations, storage, and any other line items.
Construction takeoffs are very time consuming, which is where the new software comes into play.  This software will automate the calculations, once the basics are entered into the system.  Therefore, while the construction takeoff software will save time, it will also save money and much more, because it will reduce the amount of errors that are common within estimates.
A construction takeoff software program can easily read the blueprints or design documents and then pull a list of the required materials.  While those materials must be checked to ensure that everything went through, the time it takes to do that is minimal compared to typing every piece of material in manually.
Once all the materials are listed within the software, the quantities are automatically entered as well.  While these numbers can be changed and adjusted, most of the time, the formatting is correct and nothing more needs to be done.
Construction companies can create their own price database for their most used materials, but most construction takeoff software will also allow people to access the external database which is filled with current prices.  Whichever option a person chooses, those prices will then be applied for each piece of material and adjusted to the quantity that is needed.  This ensures that no mathematical errors are made in generating the cost per line item or in the final cost estimate.

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As mentioned above, changes can be made accordingly, which is excellent news since there are always numerous change orders processed before bids are even placed.  Every new specification and change can be accounted for within the construction takeoff software and it only takes a few clicks of the mouse to have everything totaled up again.
This type of software can be integrated into other systems including creating detailed cost estimates, which can help save people time.  Combining these features ensures that the entire estimating process is streamlined.
Here are some of the best construction takeoff software options everyone needs to know about:
This takeoff system is designed for all types of construction companies, contractors, and even subcontractors within all types of industries.  Everyone can calculate their material costs, as well as their labor costs, with a few keystrokes.  Measuring linear and square footage is easy as well and only takes one click of the mouse.  While the drag and drop feature and the ability to add hyperlinks is wonderful, most people love the automatic prompts as to what they should do or consider next.
STACK Takeoff and Estimating Software
STACK offers a cloud-based solution for those who are looking to save time, while also improving the accuracy of their bids.  People will find measuring lengths, counting items, and calculating volumes, slopes, and areas is easier with this software.  Plus, it can all be exported to an Excel spreadsheet with a single click of the mouse.  The best news is that there is unlimited training and support, which is perfect for those who have never used this type of software before.  Users can access a library filled with lists of materials and costs or they can add their own for a more customized list that includes current prices.
On-Screen Takeoff and Quick Bid Software
This takeoff software will streamline the bidding process for any construction company.  Bids will be completely accurate when they are generated, even for new users, thanks to the incredible bid wizard.  This little wizard assists with the steps of each bid, so that nothing is forgotten or left out by mistake.  In addition to the quote system, everyone will have access to the cost databases, which are created by trade, and the accounting integration.  The best part with this software is that it can be easily accessed via a tablet when someone is in the field.  This ensures that no one needs to wait for updated figures when changes are being made.
eTakeoff Software
Every construction company will find success when they utilize the features of this construction takeoff software.  Companies are encouraged to begin with the basic version and then upgrade as they determine what their current needs are.  The library is filled with predefined assemblies, as well as pattern searches and much more.  Not-to-scale measurements are easy to use and determine costs for with this takeoff software and the editing tool is perfect for making changes or moving or deleting measurement points.
No construction company should need to stress over estimates and bids any longer now that construction takeoff software is available and so easy to use.  There will never be major calculation errors or any other issues when this software is implemented into the estimation process.