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The Best Construction Apps for Android

Technology has advanced so much in the last couple of decades and that advancement is helping employees everywhere perform their jobs better than ever before.  This is especially true in the field of construction, where the workers are going from their office to one job site to another job site and back to their office before heading out somewhere else once again.
Those workers are always looking for ways to streamline their jobs and figure out how to document or access work on their laptops and even their Android smartphones.  Thankfully, there are numerous construction apps available for Androids that are making life for construction workers more manageable.
Here are the best construction apps for Androids:


Measurements are a necessity in the construction field, but that means that the workers always need to carry all types of measuring tools with them.  The new construction app, ARuler, is a game changer for those who never seem to have their tape measure or calculator with them when they need them.  This app uses the camera on the smartphone to snap a picture of what needs to be measured.  Smart technology is then used through the app to determine the length, height, area, perimeter, and volume of any type of object.


This free app allows construction workers to handle all types of documentation right from their phone.  Verification and order forms can be filled out and signed before being sent to the person that needs them.  The best part is that all these forms are legal and will stand up in any court of law.


BIMx is a 3D interactive tool that will allow contractors and construction workers to see how things will look after the construction project.  This means that issues and problems can be discovered before the work is begun, so that changes can be made sooner rather than later, which will save time and money.  The design can be updated regularly, so that everyone has the most up to date visualization of the project.

Fall Safety Pro

Construction workers are always careful as they perform their work, and companies are doing everything that they can to prevent accidents from occurring.  However, accidents are accidents and can and will happen at a moment’s notice.  The Fall Safety Pro app can be used by every construction worker to keep them safe, even if no one else is around.  This app will detect a fall using the sensors of the smartphone and once that happens, the emergency contact person for that employee will be notified with the GPS coordinates of where the fall occurred.


JobFLEX is a wonderful bidding and estimating management app that will allow a construction worker to deliver estimates right where they are without the need for a cellular connection.  Workers can create material lists that can be edited, include photos with their estimates, create a customizable format for each estimate, and preview, email, and print estimates with the touch of a button. This is a great app for securing more jobs in a shorter amount of time.

TrueLook Photography

This app utilizes a drone to take aerial pictures of job sites and then delivers those photos to the person who requested them.  The smart camera interface allows for a review of photos and everyone can zoom in and out to see the intricate details of the site.  Every image can be organized according to their project and live videos can also be included.  This app will give every construction worker the ability to see every inch of their project, which will give them a better idea of what still needs to be done or what needs to be changed.


Evernote is one of the most often used app in the construction field, because the information can be shared with others immediately.  Blueprints can be scanned, notes can be jotted down, and reminders can be scheduled.


Construction workers are continuously learning, because the work is constantly changing and expanding.  Udemy is a great construction app, because it is full of videos of construction courses and classes.  Workers can learn a plethora of new things on this app, while also searching for something that they need to know immediately for the project that is currently being completed.
These are the favorite construction apps for Androids, because they are easy to use.  Since they are right on a smartphone, everyone can use them whether they are in their office, out in the field, or even on vacation taking an important and urgent call.  No one ever needs to be too far from their work, which while not always a good thing, can be helpful when issues arise, and a person doesn’t want to go all the way back to the office.  Instead, they can pull the information up, answer the question at hand, and then get back to whatever they were doing.