Concrete homes – a new trend in construction?

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For years now, homes have been constructed out of wood, but there is a new trend that is gaining in popularity.  Concrete is becoming the new material of choice when it comes to building homes and it doesn’t look like that will be changing due to the benefits that it offers.  After all, homes made from concrete are strong, durable, and versatile. 

Anyone who decides to build a concrete home will have a safe place to stay during extreme inclement weather or a natural disaster, because the material cannot break apart or collapse as easily as other materials.  Thankfully, concrete is very versatile, because it ensures that no one needs to settle for the style of home that they build either.  Instead, everyone can choose the architectural style of their home and then have their contractor construct the home of their dreams using only concrete. 

One of the best things about using concrete for a home is that contractors can easily find the cement that they need locally.  The reason for this is that Portland cement is manufactured at many different plants across the country, so no one needs to have it shipped from a different state or city far away. 

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Another good thing about concrete is that it can incorporate recycled components like fly ash, silica fume, slag cement, and recycled aggregates.  This reduces the amount of the other components that are used, which means fewer natural resources being used, and less recyclable items being placed into the landfills. 

Here are our top 6 reasons why everyone should build their next home out of concrete:

  • Energy Performance

Temperatures inside a home made from wood can fluctuate quite a bit, but a concrete home will see very little change.  The reason for this is the thermal mass of concrete combines with the insulation that is already inside in the walls.  When people utilize concrete for their home, they can automatically install smaller heating, cooling, and ventilation systems.  That will save them money right from the start and the savings will continue with smaller energy bills. 

  • Cooler Outdoor Temperatures

Lighter colored concrete does not absorb the heat like regular housing materials, so the heat that a concrete home will give off is much less.  Those lower temperatures will ensure that less energy is used, and nearby smog is reduced. 

  • Disaster Resistant

As mentioned above, concrete homes are resistant to disasters due to their durability and strength.  That means that they will withstand major wind storms, hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, rising water and the moisture damage that comes with it, and fire.  Due to their safety potential, homeowners with concrete homes will see a reduced cost for their insurance. 

  • Can Be Recycled Later On

When a concrete home is no longer wanted, it can be knocked down and the materials can be used for fill or road base.  That means that there will be very little going into a landfill to sit for hundreds of years. 

  • Wonderful Indoor Air Quality

Many construction materials emit harmful volatile organic compounds, or VOC, but concrete does not have any of that.  That means that there will be no harmful fumes inside a home and the indoor air quality will be much better. 

  • Practically Sound Proof

Most people have at least one neighbor that decides to leave their dog out barking all hours of the night or decides to mow their lawn at six in the morning on a Sunday.  A concrete home will prevent people from hearing many of these noises, because the material is practically sound proof.  That means better sleep, more time relaxing, and never needing to turn the volume up on the music unless a person wants to!

While having the outside of a home constructed out of concrete is fantastic, many homeowners may also choose to use concrete for the inside of their home as well.  This includes concrete walls, concrete floors, concrete countertops, concrete sinks, and more. 

Some people may think that this much concrete is too much, but due to the different textures, colors, shapes, and styles, the concrete may not even look like concrete when it is finished.  Those concrete floors may be such a stylish color that guests may think that they are walking on wood or another material, and those countertops can be covered with shells, photographs, or other items to make it more visually appealing. 

The options are endless with concrete, which is why this is the newest trend for homes.  Anyone who is looking for a change will want to consider using concrete when they start their new home construction, because they will be pleasantly surprised with all the benefits they will see when they begin living inside.