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Carpentry is a type of work that contractors do, and while it is specialized and smaller in scope that what a large contractor does, they are still quite busy.  Many carpenters do not realize that they could save some time by using some of the same construction software that contractors use to complete their daily work.  Most of these programs are quite versatile, which means that they can be adjusted to fit anyone’s needs when it comes to work in the construction field.

Best Construction Software Options for Carpenters

Powered Now

Powered Now is an amazing app that was built specifically for carpenters and woodworkers, but it can also benefit those in any other areas of the construction field.  This app is free to use, and since it is an app, you can use it wherever you are.  That means that you do not need to be in your office to see what you need to do next, communicate with clients, send invoices, create estimates, and more.
Once you download Powered Now, you will find that it is so easy to do the following:

  • Create invoices, quotes, and job sheets
  • Manage projects from anywhere
  • Send all invoices via email or text
  • Track your team and your appointments

You will also love how this app supports CIS, which is Construction Industry Scheme, and how everything that you have on it is automatically backed up.


If you are a carpenter, woodworker, framer, or cabinet maker, you will love this estimating and billing app.  Instead of spending hours creating invoices and estimates, as well as tracking materials, you can input all the information into JobFLEX and save a lot of time.  All your files will be digitally stored and organized, and you can easily update your material list at any time.  You will find that you can easily give your customers an estimate right on the spot, instead of needing to wait until you are back in the office.  You will finally have your nights and weekends free too, because you will never need to spend them catching up on all the paperwork ever again.

Carpentry Formulator

As a carpenter, you know that there are more than a hundred formulas that you need to know as you are working on projects.  While you could write them all down, or agonizingly study them until you have them memorized, there is a better way.  The Carpentry Formulator is available for iPhones and it has more than one hundred and fifty formulas.  Imagine working on a job and simply clicking on this app to see what formula you need.  This will save you so much time, and once you share it with all your contractor buddies, they will realize that they need it on their phones too!

2019 National Framing and Finish Carpentry Estimator Software

If you are the type of person that does not want to deal with too much paperwork or a lot of estimating, then you are going to love the 2019 National Framing and Finish Carpentry Estimator Software.  This site has the labor costs, as well as the cost of every material that you will need for any carpentry project that you will ever do.  When you use this software, you will no longer need to input your own prices, nor will you need to keep your list updated.  Instead, you can click on the materials that you need and get an instant quote to give to your customers.  This software even has step by step instructions on how to estimate any project that comes your way, which is good news if you get a job that you haven’t done before and have no clue what you need or how long it will take.

National Construction Estimator

While this estimating program was designed for contractors, you can easily use it for your carpentry business.  There is a section designated to framing and finishing carpentry and while it has labor rates, prices, and descriptions, you can easily change them all to fit your needs.  You can even add overhead, profit, and sales tax to your estimates.  There is a feature that will allow you to copy one estimate and paste it into another one.  You can even export or copy them into word docs or spreadsheets.

Construction Contract Writer

Carpenters needs contracts in place just as much as contractors do and this program will help you create the best contracts for your business.  You will never need to worry about leaving pertinent information out of your contracts, because you can easily save the contracts for future use.  The contracts that you save can be easily modified as well, so you can add extra clauses for those customers that need extras or those who you think will give you a little more of a problem.  A few of the items that this program suggests adding to your contracts include warranty protection, payment schedules, and even subcontractor details if they are needed.

Carpenter’s Helper Lite

Carpenter’s Helper Lite is a handy app that you will quickly fall in love with.  This is an advanced construction calculator that can handle any carpenter project that comes your way.  It has an easy to use layout, as well as multiple features that you can use every time.  You can easily perform normal calculations before starting a unit calculation, and you can even toggle between two unit modes with one easy button.  The back button will let you erase one number at a time, so you never need to start at the beginning.  The memory feature will allow you to store calculations that you use the most, solving the need of you having to recalculate time and time again.  You can even create a list of data to store in your organized projects section.  This list can be help for estimates, budgets, material lists, take-offs, and more.  You can easily calculate larger projects with the graphical interface too.