The 100 biggest UK construction clients

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In many of our latest posts, we have referred extensively to the problems that the UK construction has to battle against. Despite its big struggle for momentum, there still are some remarkable deals in the UK market. With that in mind, we decided to conduct a thorough research and present to you the biggest UK Construction Clients.

In order to achieve this, we based our search on Glenigan and the valuable information that it provides regarding the most significant construction clients in the United Kingdom. Our research covers all the UK construction deals from September 2016 until August 2017.

How can this list help you?

Through our research, you will be able to gain valuable insight on our industry and access information about the most noteworthy players in construction.  In that manner, you can keep track of the top UK projects at the moment and build your short or long-term strategy accordingly.

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This list is a proof that UK construction has still a tremendous impact on our sector and that it has the expertise and the knowledge to start moving forward again. Without further ado, here is the table with the Top UK Construction Clients for this year (September 2016- August 2017):

The top UK construction clients on the map

For better visualization of our list, you can take a look at the following UK map containing the different areas where every top UK construction client is located. Thanks to the map, you can acquire a better understanding of the whole list. You can be transferred to our interactive map, just by clicking on the photo below.

But wait, there’s more!

In case you need some additional information concerning the Top 100 UK Construction Clients, we have also put together an exhaustive spreadsheet with all of their contact and social media information. You can access the spreadsheet simply by downloading on the link below. Feel free to download the list and keep it for future use.

Last but not least

Before you go, don’t forget to have a look at our extensive map of the Biggest Construction Companies in Europe for 2017. The biggest company of every European country is on this map. You can also access a more detailed list of each market simply by following the link that is available within the post.

That’s all folks! Make sure you make good use of the information provided above and try to take the most out of them. Our surprises don’t stop here! Stay tuned for more fresh and useful content really soon. Until the next time…

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