The biggest construction companies in Germany

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Germany is seeing solid growth in its construction industry. One of the reasons for this is the high demand for real estate and more investment in infrastructure and buildings. To put that in perspective, The German Construction Industry Federation (HDB), predicted a 4% sales growth for German construction firms in 2018, which equals £117.2 bn. Truly a significant number.

So what has this growth meant for the construction companies in Germany? Who is the biggest? We have researched that for you, which you can see below. Numbers are based in the recent annual reports from the respective companies, and the list that has made.

biggest construction companies Germany

Additional construction companies

If you’re interested in getting to know what other German construction companies are dominating the market, then feel free to download our list by clicking the button below. In the list, you’ll find a bunch of additional companies, and you’ll get all their contact information, addresses, and revenue numbers.

Download a list of top German construction companies!

Google map

We’ve also made this interactive Google Map for you, so you can get a quick and easy overview of where the different companies are located. Check the map below, or see it here. Go check how many of them you know.

Biggest European construction companies

Don’t forget to check out our list of the biggest European construction companies. The European construction industry is growing at a rapid pace, meaning that some of the biggest construction companies in the World are from Europe. How the growth continues will be interesting to see in 2019. Go check if you recognise the companies.

Tips for improving construction projects

In construction projects, time is the most crucial factor. The better it is managed, the better the chances are for avoiding wasting money. As of now, budget overruns is a big issue in the industry, where 20% of construction projects are lasting longer than expected, and 80% result in budget overruns.

That’s a really high percentage, and things need to be done to improve things. At LetsBuild, we’ve written our 10 tips on delivering construction projects on time to help companies realise what they need to focus on. Among other things, connecting the site to the office can be of major importance.

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Keeping track of building projects with real-time updates and project transparency can help you reduce time waste and eventually save you money. This is where investing in digital tools becomes inevitable since as of now the industry is battling against re-work rates of 7%-15% and efficiency rates of only 30%. Read more about that here, and learn what you can do to change things around.

Can we expect construction to become more transparent?

According to Executive and Board Member at LetsBuild, Ulrik Branner, it’s the only way forward. Digitization is coming, and everything will at some point be digital. So if we want to see better productivity rates, there’s no way around being transparent and learning from our data.

Go read what else Ulrik has to say about this, and get an understanding of what the 7 samurais of construction are.

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