A project management checklist for construction

Written by LetsBuild

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So the contract has been awarded! Great! That’s a headache over for the client-side Project Manager, and one just starting for the main contractor’s Project Manager!

Hopefully, they’ll both be on the same side and intent on getting the project successfully completed. They’ll both have a checklist that they will concentrate on, but the more complex of those will be for the contractor’s man, so we’ll stick to his.

  1. Make sure all the sub-contracts get signed by the sub-contractors and that they can start on time.
  2. Get the orders placed for any materials with long procurement periods.
  3. Get the site facilities set up. Security fencing, accommodation, offices, welfare, Toilets, cranes, plant – anything, in fact, which will be required for the project delivery!
  4. Make sure that someone – even if he has to do it himself!!! – comes up with a comprehensive Detailed Programme to Completion! (DPC)
  5. Get the site personnel on site and get the show on the road!
  6. Compile a project personnel contact list – job role, mobile numbers and e-mail addresses for everyone remotely connected with the job in hand (hint, this is done automatically by simply using LetsBuild)
  7. Arrange dates for Site Meetings – no more than one a month! – and get everyone notified.
  8. Instill a culture of “De-Snag-as-you-go”
  9. Make sure you are paid by the Client on due dates.
  10. Make sure your subbies are paid on due dates.
  11. Make sure the DPC is up-dated at least once a week.
  12. Make sure all the site paperwork is properly filed away so it can be easily found
  13. Sort out any Tasks which are falling behind programme
  14. Wander round looking important but making yourself approachable and accessible to everyone so you get to hear about possible problems very early.
  15. Get a pre-handover De-Snag List put together and those things put right.
  16. Hand over to the client.

And there you have it!

Just 16 little things to check off on your project management checklist! So simple anyone can be a successful Construction Project Manager! Lol! Just one other little requirement if you are going to do the job properly; to wear a suit and tie is imperative! Another lol!

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