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Are you an artist, DIY’er, creator, builder or just interested to becoming one?

If the answer is yes, this article is for you. Finding the best or most well known influencers on youtube in the world of DIY (Do it yourself) puts you on the fast track to making your own stuff.

Taking on DIY projects have major benefits:

  • Boost your creativity
  • Develop your practical skills
  • Saves money
  • It’s fun
  • Fulfilling
  • Connects you with others

and much more.

The best 55 DIY Youtube channels for construction and building; where you can learn, get inspired and be entertained all in one place.

DIY tips every Thursday with Rob Palmer. Rob has a good sense of humour and an engaging personality. You will definitely have fun while learning about home improvement.

Subscribers: 3,701

Join Dan Rogers in his adventure discovering and learning new things. Family friendly DIY videos and very entertaining.

Subscribers: 4,278

Handyman expert teaches about home improvement and tools that you can use to improve your house. The channel covers various projects from where you can learn a lot about how to be a handyman in your house.

Subscribers: 6,646

Do you want to learn how to make a wooden fidget spinner? Jamison and his wife Jamie take DIY to a whole new level. Check this channel for more fun DIY projects.

Subscribers: 7,779

Ted has been active in the construction industry since 1977 and has impressive skills that shares through his youtube channel. Many useful DIY videos that help you to save money, time and energy.

Subscribers: 8,474

There is always room to learn something new, right? The channel brings all kinds of woodworking experiments either for inspiration and learning or just for fun.

Subscribers: 8,755

Are you interested in the art of laying bricks? If yes, this youtube channel is for you. Instructional videos that help you to understand better this art and what it takes to become an expert.

Subscribers: 10,477

Two car garages transformed in one big woodwork garage where fun and very useful videos are created. Lots of subscribers, videos and fun, Garagewoodworks channel rocks.

Subscribers: 12,243

Expert in home remodelling, concrete work and much more. Few available episodes on the channel but useful and practical.

Subscribers: 13,686

Another great youtube channel about woodworking, metalworking, dirt bikes, motorcycles, and much more. So gets your hands dirty and start building.

Subscribers: 19,684

Owning his furniture shop, with lots of tricks and tips about woodworking and metalworking. Experimenting new projects in front of camera learning together with his audience.

Subscribers: 24,489

Sandra’s passion is to transform boring houses in something beautiful. At the moment, she is remodelling her fifth house and building different pieces of furniture. She brings her camera along to share her skills, style and ideas with us.

Subscribers: 30,031

diy youtube channel

Why pay someone to do something you can do yourself? Dustin “The Home Mender” has one goal. To build confidence in viewers and empower them to be master of their domain. Learn to fix everything under your roof…and the roof, too.

Subscribers: 33,420

Woodworker and woodcarver, Steve has been making cool projects for over 24 years. His videos are funny and engaging sharing useful techniques for DIY lovers.

Subscribers: 34,692

You spend too much money taking care of your house? This Youtube channel is perfect for you. According to HGMM channel, most of the home improvement, repairs, maintenance needed to keep your home looking great are not that complicated. The aim of this channel is to teach you how to improve your house by yourself and not spending a fortune.

Subscribers: 39,542

Great quality videos, entertaining and useful, this Youtube channel will definitely become one your favourite.

Subscribers: 46,376

All about woodworking & DIY projects, plans and tools. You’ll find shop projects, furniture and general home decor as well as info and reviews of some awesome tools.

Subscribers: 46,856

Very inspirational and high quality videos again about home improvement, repair projects, DIY and style and the tools that make them possible.

Subscribers: 55,508

CEO, guitar player and drummer, a former Marine and Persian Gulf War veteran, carpenter,  welder and more, Feddie has a dynamic personality. Great videos with many tips and tricks from where you can learn a lot.

Subscribers: 60,232

Ron has been building houses for more than 20 years. On his channel, there are plenty videos for you to become better at woodworking. He shares tips, techniques and tools on Photography, Drones, Carpentry and other fun stuff.

Subscribers: 60,232

Best woodworking show in Australia, with new episodes each week. You should definitely check this youtube channel.

Subscribers: 60,698

Steve is another great DIYer that brings new insights and techniques to woodworking. Again, very entertaining but when it comes to actually doing it, please make sure you have the right tools and skills.

Subscribers: 60,761

With over 82 thousands subscribers, Crafted Workshop brings each week new woodworking and metalworking videos. So if you find the channel useful don’t forget to subscribe for new episodes.

Subscribers: 63,572

Another great DIY youtube channel for home improvement, outdoor living and gardening. Step-by-step instructions for different DIY projects can be very useful and easy to do. New videos all the time so go check this out.

Subscribers: 86,354

Laney has dedicated his life to woodworking. His outgoing personality and detailed DIY videos make his channel one of the best.

Subscribers: 88,195

Two car garages transformed in one big woodwork garage where fun and very useful videos are created. Lots of subscribers, videos and fun, Garagewoodworks channel rocks.

Subscribers: 97,027

One of twelve students selected to the Cabinet and Furniture program at the North Bennett Street School in Boston, Kyle Toth finished his degree in 2011 and he has participated with his creations at shows and competitions.  Check his channel to witness the creation of all kinds of eccentric wood pieces.

Subscribers: 105,613

Are you interested in woodworking but don’t know where to start? If the answer is yes, this channel is perfect for you. From choosing the right tools to how to set your workplace, you will get the push to finally start creating great wood projects.

Subscribers: 108,695

This channel is not only just about doing it but doing right. He is not a professional but he still gets top results which inspires others to follow his lead to get things done by yourself.

Subscribers: 115,36

Another woodworking lover, Matt shares through his videos the process from cutting down a tree to a nice piece of furniture. His goal is to motivate others to fall in love with woodworking and art creation.

Subscribers: 124,681

How-to-build videos each Friday. If you are builder, maker and DIY’er this channel is for you. Nick’s videos can help, inspire and teach you to become better at your job/ hobby.

Subscribers: 139,978

Chris is not an expert in building/ designing furniture, however is very passionate about it. If it started as a hobby, soon it has become a full-time job. He takes you on his learning journey sharing his ups and downs among many brilliant design ideas.

Subscribers: 145,044

Are you interested in woodworking but don’t know where to start? If the answer is yes, this channel is perfect for you. From choosing the right tools to how to set your workplace, you will get the push to finally start creating great wood projects.

Subscribers: 146,009

With in-depth tutorials from plasma cutting projects to concrete tables, Pete goal is to inspire other DIY’ers with new ideas how to build fun projects out of wood, metal and concrete.

Subscribers: 154,938

Carl is a woodworking and woodturning professional. On his channel, he shares many stunning pieces of art that you can get inspired or entertained by.

Subscribers: 163,922

Cristiana is passionate about creating all different projects, from woodworking to music making. Very dynamic and engaging, Cristiana’s videos inspire over 200 thousands subscribers.

Subscribers: 219,138

Linn has been introduced to woodworking and crafting at an early age. Inspired by and passionate about other areas such as science, technology, history, she started her youtube channel where she shares the process of creating amazing wood pieces.

Subscribers: 227,797

Paul has done thousand of wood pieces throughout the last 50 years which made a woodworking expert. Paul is a real teacher covering different topics in his videos about tools,techniques and instructions to achieve better results.

Subscribers: 234,361

Andrei is from Russia where he runs his business which is also his passion. He gained experience through his various projects and learn from his mistakes. Now he wants to share the right techniques in regards woodworking and DIYs.

Subscribers: 250,319

Together with her husband builded their house and she fell in love with woodworking. Check out Ana’s story, which is really inspirational here. Her youtube channel is definitely a blessing for many.

Subscribers: 269,213

New how-to videos every week that inspire you to make art or just to improve your home. Beginner or skilled craftsman, it doesn’t matter because Joe has something for everyone.

Subscribers: 286,483

Are you a interested in tiny house concept? Tiny House Listing shares money-saving ideas, DIY concepts and all about tiny house lifestyle.

Subscribers: 294,886

Are you beginner or advanced woodworker? It doesn’t matter because “Make Something” has something for everyone. The channel focus is on originality, inspiring others to pursue their creativity.

Subscribers: 305,923

Passionate about DIYs since childhood, Jay quit his full-time job in order to pursue his dream. Check out his channel for cool projects and entertaining videos.

Subscribers: 384,267

Designer, builder and full-time content creator, Mike Montgomery teaches beginners and inspires experts to design and build within a modern and trendy style.

Subscribers: 393,364

With their own tools and machines, ambitious woodworkers create high-end rustic furniture for over 20 years. With new episodes each week, they are pretty serious about their channel.

Subscribers: 397,738

Not really a samurai (just a nickname) but definitely a carpenter. Great personality, skills and sense of humour. His videos are great inspiration for many and useful as well if you have the right tools and workspace.

Subscribers: 461,952

April builds anything she needs instead of buying it. In her videos, she takes you through her learning process where creates all kinds of woodworking projects. Before she started to builds/creates in 2011 she had zero experience and 100% passion. She is a living proof that you can do it too.

Subscribers: 478,456

Another great DIY channel that you can learn how to create modern pieces for your home. So you can’t afford that amazing dining table? No worries! Now you can learn how to build it by yourself.

Subscribers: 608,551

This Youtube channel is for you if you’re looking for inspiration how to modernise your home and having fun in the same time. Entertaining and educational, “Home Made Modern” can change your perspective about modern design.

Subscribers: 699,517

Funny and entertaining, Steve Ramsey makes you fall in love with carpentry. He has various woodworking projects and manages to create videos that are surprisingly detailed without dragging on.

Subscribers: 800,417

Jimmy Diresta is definitely a DIY pro. Crazy projects such as AK Guitar, swords and blades and other dangerous tools are some of his many great projects. With over 40 years of experience with heavy tools, he knows what he’s doing.

Subscribers: 1,043,998

Matthias has been woodworking since he was a child in his father’s workshop. Check his great story here. His experience and passion led him to create amazing projects that you can watch on his channel.

Subscribers: 1,070,777

Bob inspires people to create, teaching the basic skills of DIY. He makes the creating process understandable and easy to follow for viewers. Some of his projects are done for the first time since he is open to experience and learn new things.

Subscribers: 1,339,429

You should definitely check out this youtube channel. You will see how to build primitive hats and tools from scratch using only natural materials. Not much talking in the videos but very entertaining to watch.

Subscribers: 5,051,211

“Crazy inventions, brilliant world record and constant disregards of health and safety”. If this sounds like your style, go and check it out.

Subscribers: 5,051,399

We have also created a playlist with the most popular videos of these Youtube channels.

Be aware that some projects presented in these videos can be dangerous without the right tools, workspace or skills. Make sure you are prepared before diving into DIY projects.

With that said, hit the play button, get inspired and start creating!

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