5 Tips for a LinkedIn Strategy for Commercial Construction Professionals

Written by LetsBuild

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Here I’m going to be starting out by being pedantic. The title includes “strategy” and this word is often confused with “tactics”. The difference is that “strategy” is deciding what you need to be accomplished; “tactics” is deciding how you are going to achieve those ends. That means we are going to look at why we commercial construction Professionals would want to get ourselves on Linked In.

  1. Linked In has turned into a global network. It has various Groups within it, quite a few of them for construction professionals. To join those which offer some personal interest is to widen, and perhaps even globalise, their network for commercial construction professionals.
  2. Linked In offers facilities for putting your full profile on it. This means that the construction professional’s CV is posted there for all to see. This needs to be something done very well because Recruitment Consultancies and Company HR Department use it to look for potential employees.
  3. Pick the right Groups to join and what that gives is access to a large number of experts in your construction professional’s field. They can offer solutions to specific problems or add to your general knowledge and understanding simply by reading their comments.
  4. By paying the monthly fee for Linked In Premium that will increase your chances to “Land your dream job” or “Grow and nurture your network.” These are advantageous for either your professional advancement or the growth and reputation of your construction company.
  5. Before putting your profile details on Linked In do some research! Your construction professional profile there is, essentially, marketing! Learn something about marketing! How do you format to give the most important information so that it can be speed-read? What is it that recruiters and other construction professionals want to know about you? Once it is there and you decide to get involved in a discussion, make sure you know what you are talking about – or just make it a request for information.

So there you go: some Strategy for Linked In and commercial construction professionals. If the fancy takes me I might, on a future occasion, blether on about the Tactics.