10 Instagram tips for marketing construction

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I know that many of you may think right now that Instagram has nothing to do with the construction field and that it’s more of a fun app. But think again! Instagram is day by day growing stronger and it has already developed to an efficient business marketing tool. Based on the prediction of eMarketer, 70.7% of US companies will be actively using Instagram in 2017. It’s a remarkable number, if someone considers that at the moment the percentage is 48.8%.

Instagram Tips for Marketing
How could Instagram help me with my construction company?

Glad you asked that! First of all, the immediacy of this mobile social networking service allows you to inaugurate a continuous back-and-forth dialogue with your customers and to communicate your work faster and easier. The focus point of Instagram is, of course, sharing pictures and videos with your followers. This fact offers a significant advantage to businesses within the construction sector, if you consider how cool construction sites look. All you have to do is find a good angle and take some impressive photos.

Another element that makes Instagram unique is its engagement rate. More specifically, research about social media engagement showcased that Instagram obtains a 58 times higher engagement rate (4.21%) than the rest social media (including Facebook & Twitter) which don’t exceed 0.1%.

If the above sound appealing to you, it’s time to give Instagram a try and help your company grow in social media. Before you do that, though, take a look at the following simple tips that LetsBuild prepared for you in order to make the most out of your Instagram account:

1. Get familiar with the app

I realize that you can’t wait to get out there and start sharing all your amazing pictures and videos with your clients but hold back for a moment and try to learn how Instagram works first. It would be a good idea to create a personal profile and experiment with all the different features. In that way, you will have a better understanding of the whole app and you will be in position to use it in the best possible manner.

2. Put together an eye-catching profile description

Once you have created an Instagram profile for your construction company, focus on your profile description. A tempting description of your company on your Instagram is more important than you think, due to the whole structure of the app. More specifically, the profile description area is the only place within the app where you are able to post a link. By making your profile presentable, you increase considerably the chances for other users to visit your site through your Instagram account.

Profile Description (Instagram)

3. Post new things on your account regularly

Make sure to renew the content of your profile regularly, even daily if that’s possible. In that manner, you can gradually build a solid connection with your followers and offer the impression of being a quite active company. On top of that, posting new photos and videos regularly it’s a method to constantly remind your customers of your presence. By being always present, you manage to become their first choice when they will actually need your help.

Instagram Photo - Construction

4. Keep a balance between quality and quantity in your posts

As already mentioned above, the construction site could be the perfect place for taking some really exciting photos for your Instagram profile. Start observing your construction surroundings under a different perspective and try to picture how neat would a bulldozer look under the proper insta filters and a bit of sunlight.

Instagram Construction Photo 2

5. Create an organized portfolio of your past work

It’s very crucial for a construction company to be in position to present its work to potential new customers. Instagram offers a unique opportunity to accomplish that. All you have to do is gather the best samples of your work and showcase them to your followers, by creating a well-organized photo album. You can even create a flyer for free to promote your past work and make sure it reaches a wider audience. Instagram - Online Portfolio

6. Spice your account up a bit

We talked before about the balance that you need to have between quality and quantity in your posts. The same applies to humorous pictures. Don’t be afraid to post something funny from your day in the office or a funny incident from a construction site. Sometimes people need a break from all these serious and 100% business-focused posts. Based on such posts, you can give a human element to your company.

Funny Picture - Instagram

7. Add hashtags to promote your work

If done correctly, hashtags can provide great help in promoting your work. Simply Measured conducted recently a very interesting study, which showed that by using minimum one hashtag per post you can boost user engagement up to 12.6%. Try to establish some characteristic hashtags (eg. #constructionincopenhagen) when you post something on your account. Thanks to this, you can start building a brand for yourself and putting together an online portfolio. What makes hashtags even more interesting is the fact that you can urge your customers to post photos of the work that you did for them under the same hashtags. In that way, you can extend the size of your digital portfolio even more.

Hashtag use in Instagram
8. Create a network

Follow other Insta accounts! It’s important to build a backward and forward connection with other users and businesses. Look for construction companies that are having a strong social media presence and follow them. It goes without saying, that you have to follow your customers back when they also decide to follow you.

Instagram - Follow Account

9. Say “Yes” to cross-promotion

Having a strong presence in Instagram should be just a part of your whole social media plan. Have this in mind and try to share your posts across all your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter etc). After all, the more shares you do the higher the number of people who see them.

Social Media

10. Engage your audience

One of the top priorities for any kind of marketing campaign is managing to keep your audience engaged. There are many techniques to achieve that. For example, you can organize a contest or leak some exciting information concerning new upcoming features or projects. In any case, find a way to constantly attract your followers’ interest.

Quick tip: Studies have discovered that there are particular times during the day when it’s better to post your content and engage with your audience.

It’s pretty clear that Instagram can play a huge role in promoting your construction company, if used properly. It’s for sure one of the main pillars of every social media campaign. Don’t lose more time, then, take your phone out and start creating your own unique Instagram moments in construction.
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