Get a clear overview of on-site situation:
who does what, when and where

Reduce build time by more than 20% from the first weeks

LB Coordination allows you to plan and schedule tasks, people and trades across different locations to avoid overlapping work, avoid execution gaps, and optimise the workload.

Get everyone on the same page effortlessly

LB Coordination enables access to the short-term plan to everyone, allowing them to see what needs to be done and capture updates without waiting to get back to the office, or to have multiple calls with the site foreman.

Save hours per week on administrative workload

Digitising and standardising quality, safety, and environment control will enable you to upgrade your QHSE progress and efficiency.

Ideal for repetitive projects

LB Coordination is used by industry leaders to decrease the complexity of building repetitive volumes such as appartments and optimise the use of every resource.

Built for construction

We love construction and we want to make it better. We empower industry professionals to build better, faster and smarter using the right tools for the job.

Simple to use and adopt

LB Coordination is built with simplicity and efficiency in mind. Focus on getting the job done, not on managing tools.

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Powerful features

Create a clear overview of what is happening on-site

  • Generate a project schedule in a matter of minutes
  • Split bit tasks or project phases based on locations
  • Easily move tasks around and specify what other tasks you want to move as well
  • Create activity sequences to avoid any overlapping
  • Combine all short term schedules into one master file
  • Fill in the gaps on delayed projects with idle crews

Work lean in zones using location-based planning

  • Streamline your construction workflow by implementing location-based planning
  • Divide your project into zones to enhance efficiency and productivity
  • Allocate resources and tasks based on specific zones, optimising work allocation
  • Minimise disruptions and conflicts by clearly defining and managing work zones
  • Stack contractors activities to save time and optimise every aspect of your project
  • Build with zero waste and reduce delivery time by 20%

Learn and iterate faster than ever

  • Visualise and compare planned versus actual work to identify gaps and areas of improvement
  • Seamlessly navigate between global and local perspectives within a single timeline, without unexpected challenges
  • Ensure adoption with an easy drag and drop tool
  • Optimise cost control by identifying and managing key cost drivers

Share information with ease

  • Transform hour-long daily tasks into streamlined, one-touch turbo reports, allowing your crews to recharge at the end of each day
  • Enjoy 24/7 real-time access to project data in the cloud, eliminating downtime and backlogs
  • Achieve synchronisation among your teams, ensuring seamless coordination and delivery of projects on specification, on time, and within budget

Save hours on administrative work and trade management
with LB Coordination

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