Waiting time is wasted time

How often do workers have to wait on site or even leave to return later, because the site is not ready for them yet or their materials have not arrived?

Every time that happens valuable time is wasted, resulting in conflicts and claims, which in turn have to be resolved, meaning even more non-value added work.

Inefficient processes lead to more waste

Without a continuous, sequential workflow where the completion of one task releases work on the next one, it becomes unclear where the project is compared to plan and what should happen next.

As a result, completed tasks or material supplies often have to be double-checked, leading to excess processes that don’t add value to the client.

Establish a culture of planning and eliminate waste

If you involve the teams actually performing the work in the detailed planning and enable them to communicate with each other around the schedule, you will be able to create a continuous workflow that you can rely on.

Focusing the teams on mutually agreed milestones and on continuously improving processes leads to:

  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced waste
  • Faster and more reliable project delivery
  • Higher quality, fewer defects
  • Satisfied clients
  • Greater profitability

Bring your schedule to life and optimise your processes

LetsBuild works as an extension to your planning tool and brings your work schedule in the hands of the workers on site.

  • Workers update each other on progress in real time
  • Everyone can see their milestones and the progress towards them
  • No one turns up in vain, no one waits on site
  • Materials can be ordered at the right time, minimising waste
  • Milestones and the detailed work schedule can be agreed in interactive meetings and recorded in LetsBuild so that everyone has the agreed work plan in front of them, always

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