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Identifying where your company is on the road to digitalisation is crucial to a successful digital journey. That is why we have developed the Construction Digital Maturity Ladder (CDML).

People often ask me, why we created the CDML™ framework. The short answer is because we give a damn! We have created a company with a vision to change the way we collaborate and communicate in construction. For us to achieve our vision, we must all move towards common language and common understanding. CDML™ can help us achieve this.

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Ulrik Branner
Executive & Board

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Working with construction companies all over the world, we have noticed that many still struggle to digitalise their processes successfully throughout the organisation. Often, one person or one division spearheads the change but it fails to permeate the entire organisation. 

In our experience it is incredibly important for companies seeking digital transformation to realise where they are on the digital journey in order to move in the right direction – towards success. 

We have developed a FREE self-assessment tool that companies can use to assess their digital maturity. The Construction Digital Maturity Ladder (CDML) is a helpful tool to not only assess where you are at the moment but also identify the best path forward, based on submissions from construction companies to date.

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