Construction drawing management

All your drawings available online – in real time.
No outdated paper versions, no time waste.

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Avoid working with scattered, outdated information

LetsBuild is your centralised digital drawing management hub for storing, managing and distributing drawings between office and site.

  • Access the latest drawings on site
  • Cloud-based – always up to date
  • Easily compare drawings
  • Measure on the digital floor plan
  • Drawing centric communication
  • Mobile and offline access

Access the latest drawings on site

The LetsBuild drawing management system allows you to share documents and drawings digitally with the people who are actually using them on site. Now, workers always have up-to-date drawings right at their fingertips. Markups and annotations are easily added in the app.

Cloud-based – always up to date

LetsBuild is the digital environment in which you can safely store, manage and distribute drawings. Built-in version control ensures that you never work with outdated drawings again. Assign access rights and share drawings with relevant parties with the easy-to-use interface. Ensure that everyone works to the same version and is able to quickly identify where changes have been made.

Drawing comparison

Identify changes made to your plans with one click and easily spot modifications to be made on your construction site. LetsBuild assures that you always have updated drawings at hand. Automatic version control means that you have a history of all changes made throughout the project.

Drawing centric communication

With LetsBuild, communication is task and drawing centric, which means that every time a new annotation is made or a new comment is added, the affected parties are notified instantly and updated with the recent changes. You never have to work with outdated information again. Every time a change is made to a drawing, the change is reflected automatically in the audit trail for that specific task.

Mobile and offline access

LetsBuild is cloud-based, which means you are always connected and up to date with what is happening on site and at the office. But, in cases where network coverage is unreliable or not available at all, we’ve got you covered—simply access all your data offline and sync again once internet access is restored.

Our architect office has been using LetsBuild for one year and we continually discover new opportunities… A major advantage is that you have all documents and plans with you in digital format on a tablet – no more carrying heavy ring binders on site. In addition, all documents are constantly accessible via the cloud. The layout of the reports can easily be changed according to the phase of the project: intermediate reports, site reports, lists upon completion, personalised lists etc. An indispensable tool in these times of rapid communication
Sarah Staessen
Architect, A2D

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