Digital by Default

How COVID-19 affects construction now and in the future

Read how a crisis is becoming a catalyst for change and how successful construction companies are preparing for the future with new, digital ways of working in the wake of the Coronavirus.

Get expert insights and see how other construction professionals are equipping themselves for success, during a pandemic but also long term.

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With contributions from

Jan Mischke – McKinsey Global Institute | Mark Farmer – Cast Consultancy | David Philp – AECOM | Ann Bentley – Rider Levett Bucknall | Simon White – VolkerWessels UK | Arun Khehar – Oracle | Hugo Dorph – Solar | Christina Hvid – Molio | Zoubeir Lafhaj – Centrale de Lille

About the authors

ulrik branner letsbuild

Ulrik Branner, Executive & Board, LetsBuild

Originally an air traffic controller, Ulrik has had a long commercial career in banking and telecommunications. Ulrik has experience from several startups and is a seasoned speaker at events all over the world. Prior to the merger, Ulrik was the CEO of GenieBelt.

thomas goubau letsbuild

Thomas Goubau, CCO, LetsBuild

With a background in telecommunications and consulting, Thomas topped up his commercial profile with an MBA in 2009. He co-founded APROPLAN in 2012 and was the company’s CEO until the merger that created LetsBuild.

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Many experts believe that the current crisis will fundamentally tip us towards more innovative ways of building and operating. This book is about how smarter ways of working are establishing themselves – and about the companies that discovered them.”

Ulrik Branner & Thomas Goubau

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