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How a leading contractor benefits from LetsBuild

“Traditionally, photos were taken, site diaries were updated, progress was being updated, dashboards were being produced but they were all individual tasks. This required a lot of effort in terms of admin work”

Matt Ghinn, Project Director – VolkerFitzpatrick

A simple-to-use construction software platform that makes construction planning easier, keeps you updated at all times, and ensures that workers and teams on site can focus on their actual work

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A live Gantt chart for activity scheduling

Whereas the master plan for any construction project is a key document, as soon as the work actually starts, it is out of date. It is often also not detailed enough to manage and plan site work in the short term.

Import your project plan into LetsBuild and transform it to a live plan. Concrete activities and sub-tasks are easily scheduled and assigned.

Before, we would print the programme each month and compare project progress against the programme. Now, with the help of LetsBuild, I can see the historical timeline and keep track of progress as it is updated instantly.

rory hart

Rory Hart

Director, Hart Design & Construction

Efficient communication and collaboration

Exact construction activity planning  is key to ensuring a smooth workflow on site and avoiding contractors turning up on site in vain.

Using LetsBuild as your construction planning software improves the coordination of site teams and suppliers so that you can avoid expensive downtime.

Getting the right contractors on site is huge, because whenever the carpenter doesn’t show up, the next in line is going to be delayed as well… So by connecting them, which we have done with LetsBuild, they’re notifying each other: “Yes I’m done” or “I’m not done”. So at least I don’t need to drive to the building site and waste my time on it.

Morten Chrone

Group COO, HusCompagniet

Construction planning and scheduling made easier

When planning construction projects, there are many uncertainties. Weather, supplies, even design issues and labour availability are all factors that play a role.

This is why your construction project planning and scheduling software should reflect reality, get updated automatically as changes occur, and notify stakeholders as needed.

I was introduced to the platform on Wednesday and decided it was great. We got it set up on Thursday. I briefed the team on Friday. We were using it that weekend and we got great returns.

Matt Ghinn

Project director - VolkerFitzpatrick

Predictability is key

When using a Gantt chart in construction that is automatically updated, you increase the predictability of your project delivery. This means better margins and a happy client.

Choose the construction planning software that will enable you to plan and execute your projects efficiently across teams and sites.

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With the help and support of LetsBuild, we expect to achieve an optimisation gain of around 2-4% at company level.

Tommy Nielsen

Director, Juul & Nielsen

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