About you

  • You are responsible for coordinating the daily site activities (your job title might be Site manager, Site supervisor, superintendent, Site foreman, or similar…).
  • You work full time on site and you are the main point of contact for site teams.
  • You are located in the Nordics, UK, Benelux, France or Germany.
  • You can speak either French or English.

What we’ll do

  • Put our product LB Aproplan in hand and watch how you use it.
  • Demonstrate some upcoming functionalities to have a first direct feedback.
  • Share our short-term roadmap to ensure it meets with the need of the industry.
  • Get your feedback!

… What you’ll get in return

  • To co-create a modern solution that fits your needs,
  • To be heard as a high-priority user who will impact our priorities,
  • You’ll receive early and premium access to any new upcoming releasesk,
  • To thank you for your time, we will have a gift for you… 🎁

Let us learn from your experience. Let’s change the game!

Any questions?

You can contact Erick directly on erick.vasquez@letsbuild.com.