Why Construction is Just As Sexy As Victoria’s Secret

Written by LetsBuild

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GenieBelt is not an angel of Victoria’s Secret, but could it be one of those things that will make your construction project sexy!

There is a reason why Victoria’s Secret has more than 26 million followers on Instagram.

In a few days the Victoria’s Secret fashion show will be held in New York. A multicultural team of professionals have spent months in preparation in castings, rehearsals, makeup, staging and lighting.

Some will say it’s art expressed in small pieces of fabric and exhibited on the best bodies of the world.

Others might think of it as a publicity stunt, just another event in which to project aspirations or desires. But it would be difficult to counter that it is not one of the sexiest events of the year.

Beautiful models, singers playing the last hit of the moment, famous people and media coverage in all segments and channels. It makes it easy to relate the event to success, feeling sexy or that perfect image that are revealed in the photos that are uploaded to Instagram.

Construction too requires careful planning, a tender period that could well be called casting; choice of materials and finishes that will “makeup” the final appearance of the project; and electrical installations that make set-lighting look like child’s play.


There are also multidisciplinary teams (e.g. foundation, insulation, finishes, glassware), that really know their stuff and work hard to meet the deadline.


Perhaps the fact that many of these disciplines are old and ancient crafts make it difficult for them to be perceived as sexy? 


But construction can create unbelievable curves such as “Casa Mila” in Barcelona or can access remote beauty such the “Eremo Santa Caterina” in Varese. Construction is an essential part of social development, schools, hospitals and our homes have been created by the hand of people in construction.

More and more professionals are using their smartphones to communicate and celebrate these great achievements to which they belong to (and they are getting prouder by the minute of the work they do!).


Today there are also communication and collaboration tools designed for construction. They should no longer just be synonymous with online entertainment tools, but also with a construction job well done, on time and executed to perfection.


Collaboration in a way that no longer means considering the latest revision of the drawing that was misplaced in running projects the old-fashioned way. These are platforms that make building attractive and sophisticated work.

Sign-up with GenieBelt now and tell us if it makes your collaboration in construction awesome, and sexy.