What’s new on LB Geniebelt? April 2024

Written by LetsBuild

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Join us as we take a look at LB Geniebelt’s latest innovations. A long-awaited feature has arrived: the ability to duplicate a job in the blink of an eye! Let’s dive into what’s new during the first quarter of 2024!

Finally here: duplicate your tasks quickly!

Building a plan, and maintaining it can take a lot of time while it can be spent on unblocking teams to deliver on time. Why waste time manually copying details of a task over and over, when you can duplicate them in a click? From now on, use the three dots menu to duplicate your task and define the elements you want to copy in the new tasks, and then simply use keyboard shortcut Ctrl+D to get the job done! In short, you can now allow users to duplicate tasks but also select the elements they want to duplicate. 

An improved table editor view

Let’s get straight to the heart of the matter with a complete overhaul of one of our main views. Explore our revamped Table Editor view, offering a refined and structured look at your plans. We have enhanced the overall usability and unified the bulk action experience with Gantt. The best way to get a better holistic view of your plan!

A simplified “People” page

By taking a closer look at how our users invite and create their team for a project, we’ve realised that there are several ways in which we could optimise it:

  • Allowing bulk invites by copy-paste emails from a list or spreadsheet (you can still use commas to enter several people at once)
  • Allowing you to assign them a role right when inviting them, rather than doing it in several steps. 
  • Removing the unnecessary validation click once the invitation has been sent.

On another note, from now on, if you’re a leader or an admin in your company, you can appoint yourself as admin or any other role in your company’s projects.

Say hello to a simple page that saves you a lot of time and also looks nicer!

That’s all for our first edition of 2024 new features on LB Geniebelt. Stay tuned for the rest!