What’s new on LB Aproplan? September 2023

Written by Stella Chavez

LB Aproplan product updates EN | Letsbuild

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As construction sites spring back to action after the summer break, LB Aproplan is here to equip you with the latest tools to meet your upcoming deadlines. Let’s dive into our quarterly highlights! ⬇️

Connect LB Aproplan forms with LB Geniebelt tasks! 🖇️

LB Geniebelt - LB Aproplan Link | Letsbuild

Ever faced the vexation of tasks falling short of your quality standards? Say goodbye to frustration with our latest feature.

Now, you can seamlessly connect inspection forms from LB Aproplan to tasks on LB Geniebelt, promoting crystal-clear communication and reducing errors.

A fresh makeover of our default form report template 📄

LB Aproplan form restyle | LetsBuild

We’re excited to introduce our brand-new default form report template! Designed with a fresh and modern look, this update addresses several key issues to enhance user experience.

Say goodbye to hard-to-read printouts, as the template now ensures improved readability both in-app and on paper.

Saved filters are now available on mobile 📱

LB Aproplan mobile saved filters | LetsBuild

Now called “Views” our beloved saved filters are now available on mobile devices.

Whether you’re on a construction site or in a project meeting, our mobile app ensures you stay efficient. With Views at your fingertips on your mobile device, you can instantly retrieve and apply your customised filters, ensuring you focus on what matters most, wherever you are. 💪

…and a few more that still make a difference 🎯

🆕 Easily assign rooms to forms on our web app, making your workflow smoother and more efficient.

🆕 Admins can now restrict guest and subcontractor access to other project members for improved personal data privacy management among contractors

What’s next?

Here is a sneak peek at the upcoming features, soon to be released!

  • A really, really fast document viewer: Use documents like never before. Our new viewer will be lightning-fast, more user-friendly, and will handle large files with ease.
  • More ways to classify your work: A series of custom fields and improved functionality will soon be available for your forms and point reports.
  • Managing users & access rights improvements: A simpler, faster way to handle project users and their access rights will soon be introduced.
  • Document and act on non-conformities even faster: We’ll introduce a series of new tweaks to streamline your non-conformity management process, ensuring quicker resolution and smoother workflows.

Are you interested in a specific new feature, want to learn more about our other LetsBuild products or have an idea for improvement? Book a personalised demo with our team!