What’s new on LB Aproplan? April 2024

Written by LetsBuild

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At LetsBuild, we can’t wait to unveil the latest enhancements and features in LB Aproplan. Your feedback has been invaluable in shaping these updates, ensuring that LB Aproplan continues to empower seamless collaboration and efficiency in the construction industry. We’re committed to co-creating with you, our users, to deliver a product that exceeds expectations. Let’s dive into what’s new during this first quarter of 2024!


LB Aproplan 2.0 in your hands

We’re thrilled to introduce LB Aproplan 2.0! Since the beginning of the year, there have been more and more bridges on our web application between the current version (1.0) of LB Aproplan and the version we’re working on (2.0). We wanted to put the fruits of our labour directly into your hands so that you could play with what will be your everyday life in a few months. Why this choice? Because co-creation is at the heart of everything we do. Your insights are vital in shaping a product that truly serves the needs of the construction industry. With LB Aproplan 2.0, you have the freedom to explore and share your thoughts. Every module is reversible to the 1.0 version, ensuring a seamless transition. Try it out and let us know what you think!

New Document Viewer Enhancements

Our document viewer keeps getting better! Thanks to your feedback, we’ve added several key functionalities:

  • Print Directly from LB Aproplan: Save time by printing documents directly from the platform.
  • Improved Navigation: Easily navigate multi-page documents with the new page selector.
  • Enhanced Search: Quickly find what you need with the improved search function.
  • Copy and Paste: Select, copy, and paste content from your PDF documents effortlessly.
  • Multi-Line Text Annotation: Annotate documents with multiple lines of text for clearer communication.

Enjoy more efficient document management with LB Aproplan’s enhanced viewer, designed with your needs in mind.

Custom Fields in Points View 

Your requests have been heard! Custom fields are now seamlessly integrated into your Points view. Quickly view and utilize custom fields as table columns. Filter, sort, and group your data with ease, just like any other field. Experience improved organization and efficiency in managing your projects.

Lists are evolving into Workspaces

Introducing Workspaces! Say goodbye to chaos and hello to organized collaboration. With Workspaces, filtering, sorting, and grouping are now easier than ever. Quickly find specific workspaces, saving valuable time. This is just the beginning; stay tuned for enhanced filters, sorting, and bulk actions to further streamline your workflow.

 Forms Dashboard 2.0

Experience the revamped Forms Dashboard! Similar to Points Dashboards, Form dashboards are now faster, fresher, and more reliable. Gain valuable insights into your inspection management process. Analyze trends, identify issues, and optimize your project operations. Know where your efforts are best invested for improved project efficiency.

Multi-Column Sorting

Power users, this one’s for you! Introducing multi-column sorting in Aproplan 2.0 pages with tables. Organize your data precisely how you want it, whether it’s points by due date, status, or assigned contractor. Simply press SHIFT + click on two or more columns to unlock this feature. Discover new ways to organize and find the information you need efficiently.

Alignment on Copy Point Creation Date

No more confusion! When copying individual points, the creation date now aligns with the copy date. This eliminates ambiguity and ensures clear project timelines. Contractors can now accurately assess the point’s real lifetime, minimizing confusion and conflicts. Enjoy a smoother project management experience with this fix in place.

We’re committed to continuously improving LB Aproplan to meet your evolving needs. Your feedback drives our innovation, and we’re excited to co-create with you.

We’re on a mission to shape the future of construction project management, and we invite you to join us as co-creators. Your insights and ideas are invaluable as we continue to evolve LB Aproplan. If you’re passionate about building a tool that truly meets your needs, we’d love to hear from you. Let’s build together for a brighter tomorrow in construction!