LetsBuild report 2019: A year to remember!

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As 2019 comes to an end, we put together a short LetsBuild report including some of the most memorable moments of the year that we are about to leave behind:

First things first, 2019 was the year that LetsBuild was born!

What makes a Belgian and a Danish startup decide to join forces and become one? At the beginning of 2019, APROPLAN and GenieBelt merged into one company, LetsBuild. The vision behind LetsBuild is to connect construction by fully digitalising the construction phase.

Our customers tell us they want one tool for everything so they avoid having to adopt and use many different solutions. We want to deliver that. Even more importantly, we want to make sure that LetsBuild is always extremely easy to use. So we embark on this exciting journey with a mission to change the old pen and paper ways of the construction industry!

We have now 130+ employees from 23 nationalities and 5 offices around the world!

Our active users are more than 10000 across 35+ countries

1 million+ lines of code are written so far and many more will follow!

Thanks to our product team and your valuable feedback, you can use LetsBuild to:

Track and update the project plan in real time

Get project overviews and insights

Access the latest documents and drawings live, on site

Collaborate across teams and locations

Streamline your on-site processes with checklists & forms

We measured the digital maturity of the construction industry

LetsBuild introduced the Construction Digital Maturity Ladder (CDML) to create a  common language on how to talk about and work with digital maturity in construction. The response we have received so far is very encouraging and we are convinced that more thought leaders from the industry will support our effort and continue adding to the insight.

We have a new and improved website!

We were covered in major construction publications and we tried to spread the message of digitalisation across the entire industry!

But we didn’t stop here. We also produced some really interesting content for our blog! Here are some of our top posts for the year that is about to go away:

  1. https://www.letsbuild.com/blog/letsbuild-sets-out-to-solve-the-problems-with-on-site-bim-adoption
  2. https://www.letsbuild.com/blog/construction-software-cost
  3. https://www.letsbuild.com/blog/construction-project-management-processes
  4. https://www.letsbuild.com/blog/cdml-measuring-the-digital-future-of-construction
  5. https://www.letsbuild.com/blog/construction-site-inspection-why-its-important-to-your-construction-project-and-business

From the entire LetsBuild team, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! ‍♀️