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We are excited to announce our partnership with construction industry experts, René Christiansen, Leif Ølgaard and Michael Schierbeck in order to help our customers combine their digital transformation with outside assistance in driving, changing and anchoring their digital processes.

Over the past 5 ½ years, we have grown from 5 to 125 people with customers in more than 30 countries. During that time, more than 50,000 construction projects of all sizes have lived their lives in collaboration with LetsBuild’s software. In the same short period, the construction industry has genuinely started to embrace digitalisation as a central element to the process of increasing efficiency and standardisation with a view to improving control and risk management.

But construction is still far from being at the same level as other industries.

The reason behind this is lack of experience with the change management process as a natural part of digitalisation. On this basis, LetsBuild has established a consultancy division with highly experienced construction professionals so that our customers can embark on their digital journey with outside assistance in driving, changing and anchoring their digital processes.

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This has given rise to a collaboration with three of the most experienced professionals in the Nordic construction industry. Together, René Christiansen, Leif Ølgaard and Michael Schierbeck have more than 100 years of experience from construction projects worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

“The vision that unites us is the aim to optimise and standardise this industry’s construction and facility management phase. We are at a stage where apps and solutions are pouring in, but unfortunately most of these only solve one link in the whole value chain”, states Leif Ølgaard.

To which Michael Schierbeck adds:

“We believe that the most important step is to be able to connect the digital processes closely to the physical on-site activities – through this, we are able to optimise the ”way of building”.”

Ulrik Branner, Executive and Board Member at LetsBuild, shares the vision for a construction industry where data is the bedrock of learning and information. That is the first step towards standardised processes where real-time control and insight can be created.

“Only through a coherent – and uniform – process can real-time control and insight be created. This is the foundation for being able to look ahead and predict the project’s direction and development on a valid basis,” says Ulrik Branner, Executive and Board Member at LetsBuild.

“LetsBuild, by far the most visionary partner to co-drive digital transformation”

René Christiansen is also looking forward to this aspiring collaboration and highlights that LetsBuild is by far the right partner in the endeavour to help construction reach its digital potential.

“I have worked with and watched GenieBelt ever since the Market Maturity Grant, and seen a company evolve from 5 people with crazy ideas to becoming LetsBuild – by far the most serious and visionary partner to co-drive your digital transformation,” adds René Christiansen.

Nikolaj Berntsen, Technical Director and Co-Founder at LetsBuild recognises also the possibilities that open up as a result of this strategic partnership.

“The best guide for any digital transformation is a concrete project, so we consider the combination of construction management experience on a concrete construction project combined with strategic and practical support to the digital change management process, underlines Nikolaj Berntsen, Technical Director and Co-Founder at LetsBuild.

We are on a mission!

It’s evident that construction has already entered a dynamic digital era where data is the main focal point. Those who are prepared to embrace innovative solutions and contribute to the creation of a digital ecosystem are those who will be able to deal effectively with client demands and eventually take over the industry.

“It may well be an unusual collaboration for a young software company,” Ulrik Branner elaborates, “but our customers’ change management processes are vital. At the same time, everyone here has experienced how important it is to implement such changes with the help of experienced construction professionals who have personally experienced the benefits of incorporating digitalisation into the business strategy”.

Construction needs to learn how to work smarter and more efficiently on site and at LetsBuild we embark on this exciting journey with the strong belief that we can live up to the expectations and make it happen.

ABOUT Leif Ølgaard

Leif has successfully completed many large and complex international construction projects, owing to the fact that early on, he saw the value of always having up-to-date and timely information available through all construction phases. Leif specialises in portfolio management, life science projects and commissioning.

ABOUT Michael Schierbeck

Michael has played multiple roles in connection with large projects; client, advisor and contractor. In addition, he has many years of experience in digitalisation from his work as a global IT manager with a large advisor. Michael has particularly extensive experience in crisis management and project finance control.

ABOUT René Christiansen

René has carried out large projects in Denmark and abroad using his extensive experience and great overview. Renee’s background as a contractor and business owner means that he can quickly create an overview and direct the processes at the construction site, thereby ensuring stability on the project. René is particularly adept at diagnosing and recovering crisis projects.