LetsBuild in DCW 2019: Digital transformation under the spotlight

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Digital Construction Week is over for another year and we have been so proud to be a part of it. This year you could find us at Stand B40 where our LetsBuild UK team had the opportunity to meet with many thought leaders in construction, share good practices and exchange ideas for the future of the industry.

On top of that, Jason Ruddle, UK Managing Director at LetsBuild, delivered an insightful talk on the Tech Stage about the key to industry transformation and showed how LetsBuild can help companies excel in the construction industry by combining real-time scheduling and communication with all the key on-site processes through our digital platform.

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“DCW 2019 was an excellent event, seems to get better every year. Great to be able to meet with so many passionate people in our industry, seeking to make positive changes in their businesses. With energy like this, we are now at a real turning point as digitalisation takes hold, and true collaboration can flourish,” says Jason Ruddle.

The key to industry transformation – efficient, digitised on-site processes

How do you combine project planning and real-time programme reporting with on-site quality and HSE activities (QHSE) and ensure all project stakeholders and teams collaborate smoothly?

During Jason’s talk, the audience had the opportunity to understand how LetsBuild can help stakeholders in construction tackle this challenge by:

  • Linking their 3-6 week planning to the master programme with detailed activities allocated to the right on-site teams using easy to use mobile tool
  • Connecting automated and standardised QHSE processes to the 3-6 week plan
  • Easily assigning and monitoring to-do’s (snagging) based on checks performed
  • Receiving support 24/7 through our SaaS platform

LetsBuild combines real-time scheduling and communication with all the key on-site processes to form an end-to-end digital platform for the construction phase. Checks performed can also link directly back to the BIM model so that what is built is tied directly to the design, enriching the BIM model and identifying any issues with the model.
In his talk, Jason presented LetsBuild and offered a live product demonstration. Like that, everyone who visited the Tech stage could hear how LetsBuild customers are benefiting from digitising and standardising their on-site processes, working on a live schedule and updating in real-time.

Digital adoption the center of attention during DCW 2019

Digital Construction Week is the leading UK event focusing on the latest innovations and use of technology in the Built environment. By attending the event we had the opportunity to get familiar with the latest trends around digital construction, engineering, design, manufacturing, and operation.

Some of the biggest tech and construction companies that are actively changing the way the sector designs, communicates and eventually builds came together for a two-day exhibition where they were able to share good practices and exchange ideas for the future of the industry.

As we have many times mentioned at this corner, digital and BIM transformation in construction go through user adoption on site. After all, you can’t have a data-driven project without capturing and storing the right information at a centralised hub.

During DCW 2019, Mark Farmer, construction expert and author of the 2016 Modernise or die report, underlined the importance of breaking the power of habit in construction and start investing in new technology in order to boost productivity and help the sector work smarter and more efficiently.

“We keep hearing how BIM and digital technology are going to change the world, but we haven’t seen anywhere near the adoption needed,” said Mark Farmer at his talk on DCW Main Stage.

With that in mind, it becomes clear that those who are prepared to embrace innovative solutions and contribute to the creation of a digital ecosystem are those who will be able to deal effectively with client demands and eventually take over the industry.

This is how construction will be able to enter a dynamic digital era where data is the main focal point and where all stakeholders in the industry are working in a smarter and fact-based manner.

Hope to see you again soon!

Data is construction’s new currency and at LetsBuild we understand well that the path to a data-driven industry goes through user adoption on site. That’s one of the main keys to digital transformation and to increased productivity.

The combination of real-time scheduling and communication with all the key on-site processes through one centralised hub can get you a long way and consistently keep you ahead of the competition.

Our team is ready to guide you through this paradigm shift and help you connect the programme to project teams in real time, enabling everyone to communicate and collaborate effectively while gathering data from all existing tools and processes in one place.

We look forward to hearing from you!