8 common construction mistakes

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The 8 most common construction mistakes

Mistakes can happen in any business, and the construction industry is no exception.  In fact, there can be many more mistakes within this industry than any others, simply because there are more intricate details included with each individual project.  This is most likely because no construction project is like any other, and there are quite a few variables to keep in mind for each one.

Here are the 8 most common construction mistakes:

  1. Not Using the Most Up to Date Blueprints

The drawings and designs for construction projects are continuously changing, which is why it is necessary for everyone involved to make sure that they are always looking at the most updated ones.  Anyone who uses outdated blueprints or other outdated information will be creating issues that will cause delays in the project.  Work may actually need to be torn out and completely redone if this happens, and that can cost any company time and money.

  1. People Not Reading What They are Signing

Contractors are so busy juggling a million different aspects of the job that they can easily sign something without completely reading it or comprehending exactly what the form said.  This is done all the time, and while most of the time, the results are fine, there are times when that signature creates a problem.  After all, no one is going to want to find out that they signed an order for the wrong flooring or the wrong tile, as it can be a costly mistake that can delay the entire project for weeks.  The reason for this is that they will need to order the correct materials and wait for them to be delivered before they can continue with their work.

  1. Being Clumsy

Everyone has a bad day where they drop something or do something that they shouldn’t have by mistake.  However, when it is a contractor being clumsy, the one thing that they do wrong can be detrimental to a project.  While contractors do their best as they are carrying items, moving things around, and using machinery, they are only human, and mistakes can be made.  As long as it is not a common thing for an individual person, they should be fine within the construction industry.

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  1. Water Issues

Water issues should never really be an issue with a construction project, unless a contractor has not taken the time to do their job properly.  This construction mistake normally occurs when a contractor forgets to check the rough in caps or doesn’t make sure that the pipes that they connected are properly sealed.

  1. Not Using Enough Insulation

While there are basic standards for the amount of insulation that should be used in any type of building, it doesn’t mean that contractors should install only that amount.  After all, the least amount of insulation required can result in buildings that are louder, colder, and more expensive in the long-term.  Of course, installing extra insulation is only going to help if it is done correctly, as the R-value can drop by fifty percent otherwise.

  1. Incorrectly Sizing the HVAC of a Building

Everyone knows how important heat and air conditioning is and while some people may think that they can save money by installing a system that is smaller, that is simply not the case.  Those smaller HVAC systems may be cheaper initially, but in the long-term, they are going to cost the owner of the building more.  This additional cost will be in the form of higher energy bills and the comfort of those who live or work in the space.

  1. Doing Construction Tasks Out of Order

Some contractors may not think that it is a problem to go out of order with their tasks, and while this is true on occasion, it can cause major issues at times as well.  Imagine putting siding on a home before finalizing the wiring and electrical boxes.  While a contactor may think that this is fine, and it could end up being that way, imagine how they will feel if they find an electrical issue that requires the siding to be removed in order to fix it.  This will add time to the job and may require additional costs, especially if the siding is damaged as it is being removed or put back in place.

  1. Not Installing Building Wrap According to Directions

Many contractors think that they can just put building wrap into place without reading the directions or following them.  However, this can lead to a drafty building filled with mold and mildew.  Any contractor that attempts this will find that their name is going to be associated with constructing subpar buildings and they will begin to get fewer jobs than ever before.

These are the eight most common construction mistakes, but there are other mistakes that are seen on occasion as well.  While contractors try to avoid mistakes as often as possible, this is one industry where it can be almost impossible to do so.