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There are so many programs out there for construction companies, but sometimes the answer to a person’s problems can all be resolved with a simple construction estimating spreadsheet.  There are many different types of spreadsheets available, but the one used the most is Excel spreadsheets.  Those spreadsheets are simple to learn how to use and easy to update for each new project.

There are many different construction estimating spreadsheet templates available, so a person needs to determine which one will fit their current needs.

List of Construction Estimating Spreadsheet Templates

1. Construction Work Estimate Template

Anyone that has a basic job will find that this basic template works quite well for their needs.  This template basically includes the company information, the description of the job, the estimated cost, and whether or not that price includes materials and labor.  This template does not include tons of details, so a different template might be necessary for larger projects or projects that require a lot of details.  There is a downside to this template as well and that is the fact that it does not add the totals up for a person.  Therefore, mistakes are common since people need to do the calculations on their own.

2. Construction Proposal Contract Template

This is another basic template that allows construction companies to list out the work being performed, as well as the materials being used for a specific project.  The cost of all this work can be included, either line by line, or at the end.  The downside to using this template is that the costs are not added up automatically and therefore need to be done manually by the person filling out the template.

3. Work Quote Template

This template breaks things down into labor and materials, as well as any applicable discounts and tax amounts.  A person can also include a signature box with terms and conditions, so this template can easily be used as a signed contract.  The good news about this template is that the line items are automatically added up at the end.

4. Different Costs Templates

There are times when clients want the costs of different items broken down into soft costs and hard costs.  Soft costs are considered insurance fees, permits, and legal fees, while hard costs are any labor, materials, and equipment.  This is an excellent option when surprises are not welcome at the end of a project.

5. Estimating and Budgeting Template

This template is a little more in depth, because it offers checklists for both budgeting and estimating, as well as a way to track the difference between the two costs and the payments.  Every line has its own description and then the columns that follow include the name of the vendor or subcontractor, the estimated costs of the labor and materials, as well as the total estimated cost and the actual cost.

6. Construction Budget Template

Construction companies love to see where their money is going and how to seal any leaks to allow them to earn more on every project they do.  Every line has its own description and then the columns include the hours and rates for labor and the units and cost per unit for the materials.  The fixed cost column allows the workers and the clients to see if they are on budget or if they are running over or under the projected cost.  This template is nice to have, because it allows companies to look back at past projects to see where overages crept in, so the same mistakes are not made again.  The best part about this template is the computer program does all the calculations, so it is not necessary to do them manually with a potential for mistakes.

7. Bid Tabulation Spreadsheet Template

When it comes time to bid on a project, there are so many bid items and it can be difficult to keep track of them all.  This template allows a company to see the different estimates side by side, which makes it much easier to compare for the better deal.  Since the program does the math, there is no chance for errors and choosing the wrong company from using the improper information.

8. Construction Estimate Template

Every project has specific needs, and this is where this template can come in handy.  While there are designated spaces for jobs on this template, they can easily be amended to fit the requirements for the job at hand.  Instead of forgetting to budget for certain jobs, a company can easily add those charges on by using this form.

Completing These Construction Estimating Spreadsheet Templates

Completing this construction estimating spreadsheet templates are fairly straightforward.  While a person needs to choose the template they want to use first, the rest is pretty much the same, no matter which template is chosen.

First, all the line items for the job need to be added to the template.  Once that is completed, a unit cost must be applied to every single one of those line items.  After all that information is filled out, it is time for a person to hit calculate on their numbers.

It is also necessary for people to recheck to make sure they didn’t leave any information, or line items, out, because that can skew the numbers in a not so good way.  At that time, it is best to have a second person check over the information and then a standard markup can be applied to the total number.

It is important to note that many of these spreadsheets are not created specifically for the construction industry.  Therefore, each one of the templates may be missing a key point on occasion when a construction company goes to use it.

However, all these templates are usually easier to use than the more expensive estimating programs and other construction programs out there.  And since these templates are easy to use, there really doesn’t need to be extensive training for anyone to be able to fill them out properly.

There is no rhyme or reason when it comes to construction companies choosing one estimating spreadsheet template over the other.  Some like to keep it simple, while others want a more detailed look of what they are spending and what they are making.  Therefore, as long as a company is using an estimating spreadsheet template, they are ahead of those companies who are still trying to wing their way to success.